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Top Chemical Journals

Get the most out of your research with our leading publications in chemical research & development

Research-Technology Management

RTM is the leading peer-reviewed journal focused on the practice of innovation.

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Catalysis Reviews

This journal bridges the gaps between the fields of heterogeneous, homogenous, and bio-catalysis and offers a necessary and critical assessment of the current state of catalytic science and engineering.

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Journal of Essential Oil Research

We are the major forum for the publication of essential oil research and analysis. Each issue includes studies performed on the chemical composition of some of the 20,000 aromatic plants known in the plant kingdom.

Language: en-US

Publisher: tandf

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Synthetic Communications

We present communications describing new methods, reagents, and other synthetic work pertaining to organic chemistry with sufficient experimental detail to permit reported reactions to be repeated by a chemist reasonably skilled in the art.

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Polymer Reviews

We publish topical issues, consisting of invited high quality reviews on topics of current interest in all areas of macromolecular science and engineering.

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Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part A

We are a necessary resource for academic and industrial scientists and engineers whose interests center on both synthetic and naturally occurring polymers and their applications.

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