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Taylor & Francis is committed to working collaboratively and creatively with institutions to drive a sustainable shift toward open access.

We have developed solutions for every aspect of open access publishing. Whatever your need; whatever the subject, our portfolio of imprints and platforms provides a full range of opportunities to enable, enhance and broaden the reach of research and increase its impact.

Discover how our services, policies, and initiatives can help your
institution achieve its open access goals.

Our suite of resources is organized around four key themes of open access publishing:

              A quick guide to empowering an open future via a transparent, collaborative, and inclusive approach.


              Learn more about how Taylor & Francis supports research and data transparency through open access publishing solutions.

              Choose Open

              Learn more about the open access publishing pathways available for your researchers.

              Our Position

              Explore our commitment to enabling sustainable open research initiatives, and learn how this can benefit your researchers.

              Openness in Science

              Discover our open research initiatives and how they can provide support for your researchers.

              TOP Guidelines

              Review our breakdown of the eight standards working to improve scientific reporting.

              Publishing Solutions

              Explore our broad range of open access journal options for your researchers to maximize the impact of their research.

              Research Metric Dashboards

              Visit our research impact hub to learn everything your researchers need to know about research impact.

              Open Science Badges

              Designed by the Center for Open Science (COS), learn how the Open Science Badges program benefits your researchers.

              Data Sharing Policies

              Access our helpful, informative guide built to help researchers understand our data sharing policies.


              Learn more about collaboration opportunities with Taylor & Francis that can support open access practices and help raise the profile of critical research at your institution.

              Open Access Partnerships

              Find out if your researchers can publish gold open access at no cost to themselves, or benefit from discounted article publishing charges (APCs), when you explore our OA Partnerships.


              Explore our publication services, technical support, expert insights, and exclusive benefits—like our Society Resources Hub—tailored to your association’s specific goals.

              NSTO Partnership

              Learn more about the launch of our new F1000 publishing platform, Nuclear Science and Technology Open Research (NSTOR), for the American Nuclear Society (ANS)


              Explore opportunities to learn from and connect with experts at Taylor & Francis.

              Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity

              Learn how Taylor & Francis champions accessibility of essential research to support progress toward a better future.

              Accessible Features

              Learn about our commitment to ensuring the research that we publish is accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

              Knowledge Unlatched

              Explore our Knowledge Unlatched (KU) OA Collections, offering free access to scholarly content for every reader across the world, and learn how this can benefit your researchers.

              Social Justice Hub

              Knowledge drives progress. Discover how Taylor & Francis is sharing validated scholarly readings and resources on racial identities, ethnicities, class, and gender topics.

              Real-world Impact

              Discover how Taylor & Francis open access content has created real-world impact, from global news to policy and patents.

              Infographic featuring T&F open access highlights in the last 5 years, including 32K plus OA article citations in the news, 250 plus open access journals, 3700 plus OA articles published at T&F, 6000 plus patents/policies influenced by T&F OA articles, and 100K plus  full-text downloads of T&F OA articles.

              Great Things Happen When You’re Open

              Explore widely seen research that makes a difference because it was published open access.

              Image of an iceberg against a light blue background with the Taylor & Francis logo in the top corner.
              Copernicus Marine Service Ocean State Report, Issue 5

              Brought global attention through international news outlets including the Economic Observer, Mail Online, and to recent record-breaking lows in Arctic ice levels.

              Image of a street sign reading
              Is Green Growth Possible?

              Received widespread media coverage, reassured financial investors, and influenced stricter government policies around sustainable alternatives.

              Image of a partially deflated soccer ball against a light blue background with the Taylor & Francis logo in the top corner.
              Changes in circulating microRNAs following head impacts in soccer

              Gained global media coverage from The Scientist magazine, the Guardian, and US News & World.

              Image of a bicycle against a light blue background with the Taylor & Francis logo in the top corner.
              Cycling behaviour in 17 countries across 6 continents: levels of cycling, who cycles, for what purpose, and how far?

              Cited by the World Health Organization to support improved policymaking by demonstrating the societal benefits of increased cycling in urban areas.

              Image of a brain against a light blue background with the Taylor & Francis logo in the top corner.
              What is your earliest memory? It depends

              Gained global media coverage from WebMD, Science Daily, and BBC News for understanding brain functionality as it relates to one’s earliest memories.

              Picture of a bee in flight against a light blue background with the Taylor & Francis logo in the top corner.
              Loss rates of honey bee colonies during winter 2017/18 in 36 countries participating in the COLOSS survey, including effects of forage sources

              With input from beekeepers across 36 countries, this article informed global policy and received widespread news coverage.

              Discover the T&F curated collection to support the United Nations’ call to action to end poverty, fight inequality & injustice, and protect the planet.
              baby penguin with sdgo logos

              F1000 Publishing Venues

              Discover F1000 open research publishing venues  

              F1000 powers a range of multidisciplinary open research publishing venues that put transparency center stage. The F1000 publishing model combines the speed of pre-printing with editorial rigor, enabling librarians worldwide to connect their research communities with easy routes to open research publishing.   

              F1000 advocates for making research and research data as open as possible, and as closed as necessary. It maintains a progressive open data policy that supports making open data common practice. The F1000 open data policy aligns (and even goes beyond) major open access policies, including those from the NIH, OSTP, and European Commission.  

              Make a greater impact with your research by publishing on an F1000 open research publishing venue.

              Plus, when researchers choose to publish with F1000, they can choose from a wide variety of different article types to get credit for all aspects of their research project. This includes a range of article types exclusive to F1000 publishing venues, including peer-reviewed Data Notes, Software Tool Articles, and Policy Briefs.  

              Explore F1000 publishing venues today to help your researchers start their open publishing journey. 

              – Taylor & Francis

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