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Critical African Studies

Call for Papers African Tourisms

Deadline: 31 July 2019

Critical African Studies

Call for Papers African Tourisms

The purpose of this special issue of Critical African Studies is to explore some of the emerging, challenging and often problematic continental and international issues related to tourist activities and different conceptions of tourism in Africa, from new empirical, theoretical and analytical perspectives. Very often these relationships reveal neo-colonial power imbalances and widening schisms in global relations. Stereotypical Western views of travel and tourism in Africa inevitably evoke visions of sunset safaris, endless white beaches, exotic animals and perhaps also bustling and chaotic urban centres. However, the concept could be applied in a multitude of ways, challenging our idea of what tourism means. Indeed, tourism studies today is a multi-disciplinary field that looks at tourism as social phenomenon in all its diverse applications and manifestations. We could understand tourism as encapsulating the many different ways that African and non-African tourists engage with the African continent in temporary and limited ways, including domestic and intra-African tourism and south-south tourism. We are interested in papers that draw out the underlying critical and theoretical issues inherent in tourism activities on the continent, including exploitation and voyeurism, memorialisation, education and learning, luxury, exchange and so on. Issues related to land struggles, infrastructure investment, contestation over resources, and the rise of the service economy also often play out against the backdrop of tourism expansion on the continent.

Topics could include specific tourism sectors and interests, such as wildlife and safari tourism; film tourism; adventure tourism; atrocity, historical or memorial tourism; drug tourism; sex tourism; ecotourism; virtual tourism and more. We are also specifically interested in intra-African and domestic tourism; African tourists outside the continent; as well as the significant role of heritage tourism, especially of African diasporas visiting the infamous slave towns and memorial sites of countries such as Senegal, Ghana and Benin. Finally, we would like this issue to also reflect on academic tourism, referred to as ‘field work’, in which researchers travel to Africa to study certain aspects of African life and cultures, carrying on the tradition laid by early ethnographic and anthropological excursions to the continent by European explorers and colonisers.   

Critical African Studies

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Submission guidelines

The deadline for submission of completed articles is 31 July 2019.

Please contact the issue editor in advance to indicate your intention to submit, to discuss your article proposal or if you have any queries: Dr Lizelle Bisschoff – lizelle.bisschoff@glasgow.ac.uk

Articles should be around 8-10,000 words in length. Please follow the instructions for authors, style guidelines and submission procedure as detailed on the Taylor & Francis website: https://www.tandfonline.com/action/authorSubmission?journalCode=rcaf20&page=instructions

For further information on Critical African Studies, see: http://www.tandfonline.com/rcaf20

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