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Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies

Increase the impact of your article by publishing open access

The Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies (JCEAS) is the official academic journal of the Waseda Institute of Contemporary Chinese Studies(WICCS, Waseda University, Japan).

The journal publishes original articles covering political, economic and social development in contemporary East Asia conducted byscholars and experts both within and outside Japan. It aims to offer in-depth studies and seeks to foster diverse perspectives to the major sub-areas of contemporary East Asia. As a journal published in Japan, it also aspires to serve as an international forum for the Japanese academics and experts with their counterparts from the rest of the world. 

JCEAS is a fully Open Access journal, meaning your paper will be permanently open to access online immediately upon publication, enabling anyone, anywhere in the world, to read, download and share your research paper. This means you can read all the papers in the journal for free! Click here to read the latest issue

Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies

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How will publishing open access benefit you?

Increased readership: Your paper will be openly published online for anyone to find, read and share, immediately increasing the audience for your paper. We have, on average, eight times more readers for open access articles than for traditionally published articles.

Increased visibility 
As it is published by the Waseda Institute of Contemporary Chinese Studies (WICCS), you can be assured that your research will be read by relevant networks.

No acceptance, no fee! 
It costs nothing to submit your paper for consideration. You will only be charged if your article is accepted into the journal.  As a special introductory offer, Taylor & Francis have reduced the APC to $1,200 / £950 / €1,060. Various discounts are also available in the region. You can see more information here.

Enhanced copyright: You retain the copyright to your article and choose from a suite of Creative Commons Licenses to suit your preferences for reuse. You choose how others use and build on your work. You can also share your final published article any way you want - talk about it on social media, include it on academic networking sites and send it to your colleagues in the field.

What are your open access funding options?

Each article in The Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies is published gold open access, which means you will need to pay an article publishing charge (APC) of $1,400. As a special introductory offer, Taylor & Francis have reduced the APC to $1,200 / £950 / €1,060.

Members of the societies listed below are entitled to a discounted APC of $1,000 / £770 / €885:

  • National Institute for the Humanities
  • Japan Association of Asian Studies
  • The Japan Association for Modern Chinese Studies
  • Japanese Association for Chinese Economy and Management Studies
  • Japan-China Sociological Society

There are numerous funding options available for authors to help with APCs. There are two main sources of funding for APCs:

Your national or international funding body, many of which allow for research grants to be used for APCs. View major funder mandates and policies around open access here. 

Your institution which may have a central fund for open access, or have an open access membership with Taylor & Francis. Check whether your institution has an open access membership here.

You could also be entitled to a discount or waiver on the APC if you are based in an emerging region. Find out more here.

Submission Instructions

All research will be blind peer reviewed.

Please read the 'instructions for authors' and submit your paper online via Editorial Manager.