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Quality Engineering

Submit your problems within the industrial statistics community

Are you a practitioner of industrial statistics?

Can you think of a problem within the industrial statistics community?

As part of our new dedicated column within the Quality Engineering journal we will be looking at the issues you face within industrial statistics. Solutions will then be published as regular articles with the wider aim of improving collaboration between the industry and academia.

Would you like the industry to help solve your problems in industrial statistics? Then send us your problems, and they may be included in our dedicated open access column!

Quality Engineering

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Industrial statistics research motivated by real-world problems and based on real data is extremely valuable, but relatively rare.

To encourage more and stronger collaboration between academia and industry, “Open Challenges in Industrial Statistics” will:

  • Create opportunities for collaboration and innovation between academia and industry partners within the framework of a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Recognize that the work to create a well-defined problem is just as valuable as the work to create a solution.
  • Tap into the power of crowdsourcing and more rapid publication of new ideas.

Your problems

Your unsolved problems in industrial statistics will feature as a regular column as part of the quarterly issues of Quality Engineering titled “Open Challenges in Industrial Statistics” beginning in the first issue of 2018.

In each issue a problem you face will be available free-to-view via our journal website, and latest problems will be added to the Open Challenges homepage. Each article is free-to-view for one year from the date of publication.

These statements will be real-world problems and will describe the background and context of the problem, outline approaches considered and limitations in these approaches, and offer any relevant data which may be transformed to preserve confidentiality.

Submission guidelines

All problem statements and solutions should be submitted using Scholar One Manuscripts here. When making a submission, select the “Open Challenges” article type.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to the column editors (below). We look forward to receiving your feedback and future submissions.

Editorial information

Column Editor: Willis Jensen, W.L. Gore & Associates, wjensen@wlgore.com
Column Co-editor: Byran Smucker, Miami University (OH), smuckerb@miamioh.edu

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