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Middle School Journal

Call for Papers: Student Submissions

Deadline: 31 August 2019

As we enter our 50th volume year of Middle School Journal, we are excited to announce a new regularly included column. It will highlight the voices and perspectives of young adolescents, including those whose voices / identities / backgrounds do not always fit into mainstream culture.

Student Column: In this special call, we ask young adolescents to respond in a written or artistic format of their choosing (e.g., written narrative; poetic; story map; drawing/sketch) to one of the following two prompts that critically explore who young adolescents are and the ways in which schools support and or struggle to support them. Sometimes the ways that young adolescents view themselves are drastically different from the ways in which society, educators, peers and even families view them.  Through the first prompt, we explore the possible tensions that exist between these two realities, giving young adolescents the opportunity to talk back against deficit views that others might have about some aspects of their identity.  The second prompt directly relates to middle schools and schooling practices, asking young adolescents to critically explore how schools both support students and function as restrictive spaces for them.

     Prompt 1: Describe how you see yourself vs. how your teachers, peers, or family members see you.

     Prompt 2: Describe the ways your school supports who you are. In what ways can your school better support you?

Narrative pieces should be no longer than 2 double-spaced pages (12pt font). Artistic images should be accompanied by a brief description.

Middle School Journal

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Submission Instructions

Submissions accepted on a rolling basis through August, 2019.

If you are submitting a response for the student column, please specify the prompt in your cover letter and include the following author information: name; age; grade; school (if applicable).  Please note that this information will be included as part of the student column, unless requested otherwise. At the point of submission, a consent form will be available for download, as a parent/guardian signature is required for submission. 

Address inquiries to Editors Kathleen Brinegar, Lisa Harrison, and Ellis Hurd at msjeditors@gmail.com.

All responses must be submitted online