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International Studies in Sociology of Education

Introducing a new section

Research in Translation

‘Research in Translation’ is a dedicated section of International Studies in Sociology of Education.

It presents theories, debates, and research in the international field of sociology of education which have been produced in languages other than English and in regions beyond dominant metropoles.

This section seeks to address the prevailing geopolitics of academic knowledge in which English language research is translated for, or taken up in, non-English-language contexts, but the opposite direction is much less travelled.

We welcome submissions of 2000-4000 words for this section of ISSE which will be published occasionally.  Submissions may take on a wide range of formats, including, for example:

  • Reviews of sociological research in education that has been published in languages other than English;
  • Interviews with educational theorists, researchers or practitioners who are working in languages other than English and/or in regions outside what is considered the global North, and whose work might not have be widely known in the English speaking world;
  • Critical examinations of the ways in which theory and research from different regions of the world are being used and interpreted (translated) in different ways by people working in languages other than English.

Authors are to make clear the significance of their reviews/commentaries for international studies in sociology of education.

Submissions should be in English. It is recommended that the authors include references to the dilemmas of translating across cultures and languages, i.e., how their translation acknowledges that concepts or theories are culturally embedded, and/or reflections about the difficulties of translating particular notions or research traditions into English. Submissions will be reviewed by the Research in Translation Editor with support from the wider editorial board.

We also welcome full-length research-based submissions relating to the themes above in the format of standard journal articles. These will be peer-reviewed through the normal ISSE process and be published in the main section of the journal.

International Studies in Sociology of Education

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Submission guidelines

Instructions for Submissions

We encourage any author interested in submitting a piece for the ‘Research in Translation’ section to discuss their ideas with the Section Editor Inés Dussel at idussel@cinvestav.mx, prior to sending in their submission. Submissions are to be made on through the online submission system at: http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/riss20