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Sport, Education and Society

Call for Book Reviews

Sport, Education and Society

Sport, Education and Society recognises the significant contribution that books and other texts (such as policy documents and reports) make to the field. We consider the reviewing of such texts to be a worthwhile undertaking that stimulates debate, encourages intellectual endeavour and promotes collegiality amongst the international community. As such, we encourage those with an interest in the journal to submit their books for review and to review books published by their peers. We also welcome review essays which engage in critical debate around texts, such as policy documents and reports, that are of relevance to the journal’s aims.

Sport, Education and Society

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Guidance for Book Reviewers

If you are a book reviewer, guidelines on writing and submitting your review can be found here. Please contact one of the Reviews Editors for further guidance if you are writing and submitting a review essay.

The list of books that are currently available for review can be found here. The list is updated monthly (as necessary), so please check back regularly for new titles. If you are interested in reviewing a book, please contact the Assistant Reviews Editor, Dr. Oliver Hooper, to express your interest.

Guidance for Book Authors/Publishers

If you are a book author or publisher, guidelines on submitting a book for review can be found here.

Reviews Editor: Dr. Rachel Sandford.

Assistant Reviews Editor: Dr. Oliver Hooper

Further Information

It is in the interests of book authors and publishers to have reviews printed in the journal as soon as possible following the release of a new title. As such, there is an expectation that book reviews will be completed and returned to the Reviews Editor within three months of being allocated the book for review. If a reviewer finds that they are no longer able to meet this deadline, they should contact the Assistant Reviews Editor immediately to discuss the matter.

Queries regarding the book review process should be sent to the Assistant Reviews Editor, Oliver Hooper.

Book reviews should be submitted in Word format to the Reviews Editor, Dr. Rachel Sandford, and will be acknowledged by return email.

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