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Deadline: 31 December 2019

Sustainable Consumption:

A Global Perspective

The focus of the special issue is on understanding sustainability and green aspects of recent day consumers. The 'sustainability' phenomenon became a 'panacea' for environmental problem, social causes, shortage of natural resources and so on (Balderjahn et al., 2013). It is the catalyst in societal changes and thus received significant research attention in almost every discipline (Lim, 2017; Sheth et al., 2011). Marketing goes beyond needs and wants gratifying activities. It also suggests for considering ecological and human welfare and to consider sustainable development principles (Chow and Chen, 2012; Sudbury-Riley and Kohlbacher, 2016).

Along with the wind of global change, consumers' behavioral patterns also changed significantly (Abdulrazak and Quoquab, 2018). Worldwide availability of the Internet, rapid rise of environmental pollution, natural calamity, social media aggression all significantly contributed to this behavioral change. The increased level of awareness of consumers' right and consciousness of healthy living gave the fuel to this issue (Chua et al., 2016). As a reflection, the concept like green marketing, and social marketing became most cited topics among academicians and practitioners. 

Due to the growing demand among consumers for green products, desire for healthy living, concern for animals and environment, care for future generation created a different category of consumer behavior. For which, marketers have been considering adopting green and social marketing strategies. It certainly calls for more research attention. This special issue is such an attempt to highlight the green behavior and sustainability related issues from different cultural perspectives.

We welcome submissions that can represent different methods. These include but are not limited to conceptual as well as empirical papers (qualitative as well as quantitative). Conceptual papers will generate more ideas about the issue and will assist the reader to think further, whereas, empirical papers will provide specific research outcomes based on testable hypotheses. We also are interested in research based on compelling case studies (single or multiple cases). We invite you to submit original papers, which are neither published, nor currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. The papers in this special issue may address the following topics:

  •   Cross-cultural practices of sustainable consumption
  •   Multi-cultural green marketing strategies
  •   Global environmentally significant consumer behaviour
  •   Reduce, re-use and recycling habit of consumers globally
  •   Cross-national green attitude, green intention, green cognition
  •   Global consumers' green values, green image and green trust
  •   Green awareness and green literacy
  •  Segmenting green preference
  •   Frugal purchase tendency
  •   Global preference towards green branding
  •   Cross-national problems and prospects pertaining to green habit
  •   Personality traits of consumers in choosing green products/services
  •   Cross-cultural psychological aspects in considering green products while shopping
  •   Effect of social media in enhancing green preference globally
  •   Ethical consumption behavior
  •   Mindful consumptions

We encourage authors to submit their contributions in above-mentioned topics, or other pertinent emerging and important topics to diversify and widen research in sustainable marketing in global markets.

Submission guidelines

The guest editors intend to bring out through the Special Issue certain set of academic contribution that is relevant in sustainable marketing in global context for marketing researchers, policy-makers and market practitioners. Please submit your manuscript via the online submission system. The first page must contain the title, author(s) and contact information of the corresponding author. For additional guidelines, please see ‘Instructions for Authors.’

All papers submitted for publication consideration in the Special Issue will be double-blind reviewed, following the review process guidelines of the Journal of Global Marketing.

  • Full Paper Submission deadline: December 31, 2019
  • Accept/Reject Decisions: On a rolling basis December 2019 to June 2020
  • Likely publication in 2020

Journal of Global Marketing

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Special Issue Guest Editors

Farzana Quoquab & Jihad Mohammad

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Email Farzana |  Email Jihad

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