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Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising

Call for Papers: Special Issue

Deadline: 1 June 2019

Tales from the file drawer: Papers they said I would never publish

We all have them—papers that are good, that are interesting, that are insightful. We love these papers. And we can’t get them published. Anywhere. But we hold onto them. Keep them in file folders and computer folders and in our hearts. We take them out every now and then and linger over them. The reviewer comments sting. “Interesting idea, but needs another study.” “Good study, but needs a moderating variable.” “Novel, but needs more data.” “Too challenging.” “Too unusual.” “Too odd.”

JCIRA seeks these papers. The papers should focus on the topic of advertising and brand communication, broadly defined as persuasive stories brands tell about themselves. This persuasive communication can occur in any marketplace situation, including traditional media, digital media, games, sponsorships, product placements, or cobranding partnerships. Brands can include products and services, but also corporations, people, places, and ideas.

This special issue is more concerned with theory-building than theory-testing. We are looking for novel, unique, and quirky ideas. Papers should be “curious and interesting” as fits the aims of the journal. Curiosity is intense, arousing, and pleasurable—so should be your paper. All sound methods are acceptable for this special issue. We prefer empirical papers, but are open to conceptual papers with a new point of view.

Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising

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Submission guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should follow the manuscript guidelines for JCIRA. The submission deadline is June 1, 2019. All manuscripts should be submitted through JCIRA’s online submission system, ScholarOneAuthors should select SPECIAL ISSUE as the manuscript type.

For additional information, please contact Barbara Phillips, JCIRA’s editor.

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