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Journal of Children and Poverty

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Why write a policy and practice brief for JCP?

A policy and practice brief is a short piece intended to highlight policy innovations, best practices, new programs, or practical implications of a body of research that would be of interest to other policymakers, academics, service providers, and community leaders.

We welcome submissions of briefs from researchers, service providers, policy makers, and others who work in the government, academic, and nonprofit sectors. All submissions should relate to the journal’s focus on the areas of education, health, public policy, and the socioeconomic causes and effects of childhood poverty. While briefs may be drawn from ongoing research and practice, briefs must not have been submitted to or published in other academic journals in their current form.

What makes a good policy and practice brief?

Briefs are not full academic articles; instead, they provide a forum through which JCP aims to present a range of disciplinary and professional perspectives that are beyond the scope of a formal research article. While JCP welcomes the opinion of authors, writers are encouraged to provide clear evidence that supports the proposed policy or practice. Authors are also encouraged to note shortcomings of their proposal, suggest areas of further research, and propose next steps in promoting the particular policy or best practice.

*If you are interested in submitting a standard article to JCP, please find more information here*

Journal of Children and Poverty

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Submission Instructions

What do I need to include?

Briefs should be fewer than 3,000 words in length and do not need to follow a standard research article structure. They should provide a substantiated coherent argument advancing the position and practice that the author or authors are advocating. They can also highlight trends and observations on the causes and effects of child poverty. Graphical representations of evidence and argument may be included.

How is the Brief reviewed?

The briefs will not be peer-reviewed, but the JCP editorial team will closely evaluate all submissions. The journal reserves the right to edit briefs for language and clarity.

Who should I contact about a brief idea?

If you are interested in submitting a policy and practice brief please contact the Journal of Children and Poverty via email. Though unsolicited briefs are accepted, it will be useful for us to have an initial discussion with potential authors to ensure that a particular topic is not repeatedly targeted. The editor or members of the editorial advisory board may also invite individuals to submit briefs.

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