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Ethics & Social Welfare

Call for Papers

Practice Section

The Practice Section of the journal Ethics and Social Welfare provides an exciting opportunity for the contribution of short pieces of written work to be considered for publication. We hope that these contributions would come from a wide range of people with diverse backgrounds in the caring professions, and from different countries and cultures.

The pieces of work do not have to be fully referenced as for an academic paper but any specific evidence or supporting information you refer to should be properly referenced.  Fully referenced papers may be submitted to Scholar One for peer review, and other papers may be submitted directly to the Practice Editors. 

Publication of papers in this section which are not peer-reviewed are subject to the Editors’ discretion.  Practice editors will advise and support publication of papers not submitted to Scholar One, but will indicate in their editorial when a practice paper has been peer-reviewed.

 The Editors of the Practice Section are seeking contributions of everyday thoughts on practice and critical reflections upon the ethical issues experienced. We are interested in contributions that discuss what ethical values you think are important, what ought to happen, and what you think is right or wrong about things that happen in social work, community work and related areas of  the caring professions.

The aim is to encourage and stimulate debate and discussion about issues that matter and ethical issues that challenge you in your area of work.

Ethics and Social Welfare

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We have a particular interest in potential contributors providing ethical case studies of current or past life or work experiences. The written accounts will provide a source for further debate and reflection.

 We would like to have greater involvement from:

  • Service users/carers,
  • Students, and
  • Practitioners.

 We also welcome brief contributions from academics regarding their own experiences and reflections or reports on ethical issues.

Editorial information

  • Practice Section Editor: Andrew Maynard, Liverpool John Moores University
  • Practice Section Editor: Beverley Burke, Anglia Ruskin University

Submission guidelines

The Practice Section is flexible about the length of the papers submitted – ranging from 2,000-3,000 words for written papers, or up to 1,000 words for case studies.  We would be willing to support contributions by way of telephone conversations or via email contact.

Contributions can be submitted directly via the journal's ScholarOne Manuscripts site for anonymous peer review, or direct to the Practice Section Editors: Andrew Maynard or Beverley Burke. 

For further information about Ethics & Social Welfare please see visit here