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Life Writing

Book Reviews- Guidelines for Reviewers

Life Writing carries book reviews of about 2000 words. We prefer to review works of analysis that draw on the life writing genre (e.g. Thomas Couser's Memoir, reviewed by Susannah Mintz in Life Writing 10.3, 2013) but we also sometimes carry reviews of life writing itself (e.g. Jamie Bruce Lockhart and Alan Macfarlane's Dragon Days, reviewed by Vyvyen Brendon in Life Writing 9.3, 2012).

  • We don't have specific guidelines for the content of a review, preferring to allow the reviewer's opinions fairly free rein. However, there is an editing process in which the editorial team may request revisions.
  • We hope that a time frame of six months from receipt of the book is sufficient for a reviewer to get final draft to us.

Life Writing

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We also ask the reviewer to approach the publisher for a jpeg or tiff file and permission to carry an image of the book's front cover. This is usually a very simple process of an email to the publisher, who is generally more than happy to provide permission. However, we don't have to have a cover image, especially if the reviewer feels the cover isn't very interesting!In addition, we also need ask that you please forward us the publisher’s permission to carry the cover image as well.

We also require the following material on all authors: email address, institutional affiliation (unless independent scholar), and bio. 

Once your review is accepted and published, Taylor & Francis will provide you with a PDF copy of the published review. We ask that you forward a PDF copy of the review to the relevant publisher. 

We welcome expressions of interest for books on our “Reviews List”, and will also consider additional suggestions for titles.

When contacting us, please send a few sentences about why you would be particularly suited to the book you are interested in reviewing.

Reviews Editors

Publishers who have books for review can contact us by email in the first instance at:
Lis Hanscombe
Dr Muireann Leech