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Reviews in Anthropology

Call for Proposals

Reviews in Anthropology, a peer-reviewed journal published by Taylor & Francis, is currently accepting proposals for essay-length reviews of current topics in any subfield of anthropology. Essays, typically around 6,500 words, consider a collection of 2-4 recent books published within the last five years.  The essay should be organized around a central theme. Recent examples of articles accepted or published by Reviews in Anthropology include anthropology of the Anthropocene, attachment theory, and the anthropology of dogs. Innovative and cutting-edge thematic essays are preferred to reviews of standard sub disciplinary topics; however, these will be considered, especially in cases where a considerable quantity and quality of work has been published recently.


Potential authors should submit a title, a 200-word abstract, and a list of recent books to be discussed. These should be sent to reviewsinanth@gmail.com. There is no firm deadline; proposals will be considered as received. If accepted, review copies of books will be provided at no expense. The author would be obligated to produce a draft essay within 6 months, and to make suggested revisions in a timely fashion.

Reviews in Anthropology

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Submission guidelines

Manuscripts are submitted by invitation. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyrighted material and are required to sign an agreement for the transfer of copyright to the publisher. All accepted manuscripts become the property of the publisher. As an author, you are required to secure permission if you want to reproduce any figure, table, or extract from the text of another source. This applies to direct reproduction as well as "derivative reproduction" (where you have created a new figure or table which derives substantially from a copyrighted source).

E-mail the manuscript as an attachment in MS Word format to: Michael Harkin, Editor-in-Chief, Reviews in Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, University of Wyoming, 1000 East University Avenue, Dept. 3431, Laramie, WY 82071. E-mail: reviewsinanthro@gmail.com.