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Taylor & Francis journals cover a range of topics in cell biology for improving health and disease treatment, from biochemistry, drug discovery, protein disorders, artificial cells, tissue engineering, nanomedicine.

Recent articles that gained particularly wide readerships addressed such topics as the rise of antimicrobial resistance, the human microbiome and the anthropogenic impact on the incidence of various cancers.

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Open Select

Open Select ensures researchers can publish open access (OA) in over 2,600 Taylor & Francis and Routledge journals, ranging across the sciences, social sciences, medicine, technology, engineering, humanities and arts. These hybrid journals publish both OA content and content available via subscription.

Autophagy latest issue


The leading journal in the field, publishing papers on all aspects of autophagic processes. Read our Aims & Scope and Submit your manuscript here.

Biocatalysis and Biotransformation latest issue

Biocatalysis & Biotransformation

Publishing high quality research on the application of biological catalysts for the synthesis, interconversion or degradation of chemical species. Read our Aims & Scope and Submit your manuscript here.

Biofouling latest issue


Publishing pure and applied work on protein, microbial, fungal, plant and animal fouling and its control, as well as studies of all kinds on biofilms and bioadhesion. Find out why authors rate their experience of publishing in Biofouling as 9.6 out of 10.

Cell Cycle latest issue

Cell Cycle

One of the largest journals in the field, publishing Nobel Prize winning authors. Read research from the 2018 Nobel Prize winners here.

Connective Tissue Research latest issue

Connective Tissue Research

Presenting original and significant research in all basic areas of connective tissue and matrix biology. Read the Aims & Scope and Submit your manuscript here.

Gut Microbes latest issue

Gut Microbes

Are you researching the role of intestinal microbiota in human physiology? We publish valuable findings with global influence. Read some of our most popular articles and find out why you should submit your research.

Journal of Histotechnology latest issue

Journal of Histotechnology

Official journal of the National Society for Histotechnology, publishing a diverse scope of disciplines, all related to the study of living tissues. Read our Aims & Scope and Submit your manuscript here.

Small GTPases latest issue

Small GTPases

A dedicated forum for the sharing of information at the forefront of the field, covering a broad range of research including cell and in vivo biology, structural studies, biochemistry, and drug discovery. Read our Aims & Scope and Submit your manuscript here.

Transcription latest issue


Providing novel insights, provocative questions, and new hypotheses into the expanding field of gene transcription.
Read the Top 10 most downloaded articles and find out how to submit your research.

Free Radical Research

Free Radical Research is the official journal of the Society for Free Radical Research Asia. Free Radical Research aims to publish high-quality research papers, hypotheses and reviews; Read our Aims & Scopes and Submit your Manuscript.

Open Access

Open Access makes published academic research freely and permanently available online. Anyone, anywhere can read and build upon this research.

Animal Cells and Systems

This is the official journal of the Korean Society for Integrative Biology, publishing papers covering diverse aspects of biological sciences. Read our Aims & Scope and Submit your manuscript here.

Cell Adhesion & Migration

This journal focuses on the biological or pathological implications of cell-cell and cell-microenvironment interactions. Read our Aims & Scope and Submit your manuscript here.


This is an open access journal for all aspects of ion channel research. Read our Aims & Scope and Submit your manuscript here.

Communicative & Integrative Biology

Indexed in PubMed Central and Scopus, this open access journal publishes research on all aspects of biology related to communication and signaling at all levels of biological complexity. Read our Aims & Scope and Submit your manuscript here.

Molecular Membrane Biology

This journal provides a forum for high quality research that serves to advance knowledge in molecular aspects of biological membrane structure and function. Read our Aims & Scope and Submit your manuscript here.


This journal provides a platform to disseminate cutting-edge research on all aspects of biology of the cell nucleus. Read our Aims & Scope and Submit your manuscript here.


This is the first international peer-reviewed open access journal to focus exclusively on protein folding and misfolding, protein assembly disorders, protein-based and structural inheritance. Read our Aims & Scope and Submit your manuscript here.

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