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Policy and Regulatory Reforms for Green Economic Transition in China

Published in China Economic Journal

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The two decades between 2010 and 2030 are critical turning period for China’s economic transition. At the beginning of this period, talk about how the existing economic growth model was no longer sustainable and the need for a new model became of increasingly mainstream (WB and DRC 2012). The daunting task of this economic transition is to turn China’s economic growth model featuring high carbon, high effluent emission and low productivity to that of low carbon, low emission and high productivity. Critical to the attainment of these goals are setting up the right policy framework and building the right institutions. 

The three themes featured in this Special Issue are: Environmental Protection, the Energy Transition and Natural Resources System and Its Impacts on Climate Changes.

About the Journal

China Economic Journal (CEJ) introduces readers to examination and analysis of the latest developments in the Chinese economy and government economic policies. It contains papers focusing on cutting edge issues in China’s economic development with long-term significance. 

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