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CCJRP Book Review Call and Submission Guidelines

The book review section is dedicated to reviews of current books and other media of interest to CCJRP readers. All reviews are solicited by the editors. Individuals who wish to volunteer to be reviewers should contact the Book Review Editor, Dr. Masha Krsmanovic at [email protected]

CCJRP publishes both reviews of individual books/media works and review essays. Reviews of individual works may total up to 1,000 words. Review essays are articles that examine in depth one or more works related to a single topic. Review essays are generally between 1,000 and 2,000 words in length.

If you have been invited by the editors to submit a review or review essay to CCJRP, please follow these guidelines:

    • Reviews should:
      • Describe the subject, purpose, and scope of the
      • Outline the major topics and themes covered in the
      • Provide a detailed assessment of the author’s main line of
      • Analyze whether the author has provided convincing evidence for his/her
      • Discuss and evaluate particular strengths or weaknesses of the work (e.g., methodology employed, logic, scope).
      • Indicate the centrality of the work to the study of community colleges and/or postsecondaryIn addition to the above, review essays should provide an in-depth synthesis of the works being reviewed, comparing and contrasting the works in detail to one another and in relationship to the topic that ties them together, and placing them in the wider context of educational literature and current


    • Every manuscript should begin by citing the work/s to be reviewed, with full bibliographic information including authors, copyright date, full title and any subtitle, place of publication, publisher, number of pages, price, hardcover or softcover, ISBN Number. Use the following example:
      • By B. K. Townsend (Ed.)
      • New York, NY: Falmer Press, 1999
      • pp. xii + 256, $145.00 (hardcover) ISBN 0-81533-173-8.


    • Reviews should be written without highly technical terms or jargon. Keep in mind that the audience for reviews are diverse educators of all professional backgrounds. The tone of the review should be professional. If a critique is made, it should be stated clearly and with respect. The review may be edited by the book review editor for minor revisions or it may be returned to authors for major revisions. Submissions should not be under review by other


    • The submission should be double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font, with 1-inch margins on all sides. The review should follow APA Manual 7th edition guidelines and submitted to the editor as an e-mail attachment (MS Word).


Decisions on acceptance for publication are made by the editors, who may solicit input from members of the editorial board and other readers. Publication of reviews depends on the editors’ judgment that the manuscript has satisfactorily addressed the guidelines listed above. Reviews solicited should be completed by the agreed upon deadline. Failure to meet such deadlines removes any obligation to publish the manuscript, although this decision remains at the editors’ discretion.


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