2019 Editor's Choice Collection

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2019 Editor's Choice Collection

Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies

Each year, Routledge and the editors of the Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (BIES)—the leading academic journal on Indonesia’s economy and society—offer readers free online access to six outstanding articles from recent issues.

The 2019 Editors’ Choice Collection gives a glimpse into why BIES has a longstanding reputation for publishing high-quality research. Notably, it features a topical and detailed political analysis by Tom Power on Jokowi’s authoritarian turn and Indonesia’s democratic decline, as well as an in-depth article identifying strategies to improve tax compliance, by Arifin Rosid, Chris Evans, and Binh Tran-Nam. Other articles in the collection examine the determinants of premarital sex and its effect on the age of first marriage; investigate asking-price formation across the Indonesian archipelago, including previously unstudied regional property markets; explore the nexus between sustainability and economic growth, using an inclusive wealth framework covering resources and biodiversity; and assess value chain connectivity using the conceptual framework of ‘unbundling’.

BIES is the academic journal of the Indonesia Project at The Australian National University, in Canberra. Published continuously since 1965, it aims to address not only economic analysis and policy but also the intersection between economics, development and area studies. In doing so, it plays an important role in helping the world—including Indonesians themselves—to better understand Indonesia.

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Article TitleAuthor(s)VolumeIssueYear
Tax Non-Compliance and Perceptions of Corruption: Policy Implications for Developing CountriesArifin Rosid, Chris Evans & Binh Tran-Nam5412018
Property-Price Determinants in IndonesiaMatthew Gnagey & Ryan Tans5412018
Value Chain Connectivity in Indonesia: The Evolution of UnbundlingsFukunari Kimura & Lurong Chen5422018
Premarital Sex Initiation and the Time Interval to First Marriage Among IndonesiansSarni Maniar Berliana, Efri Diah Utami, Ferry Efendi & Anna Kurniati5422018
Jokowi’s Authoritarian Turn and Indonesia’s Democratic DeclineThomas P. Power5432018
Economic Growth and Sustainable Development in Indonesia: An AssessmentRobi Kurniawan & Shunsuke Managi5432018

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