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Voice and Speech Review (VSR) is a scholarly journal focused on voice and speech topics and training, particularly for the performing arts. The journal features writing about cutting-edge theory and practice in arts, communication, and interdisciplinary aspects of voice. The VSR is the only scholarly journal that publishes work about voice and speech training for stage, film, TV, and radio.

For more information and journal-specific author support, see the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA) website at You may email the Editor at [email protected]

2022 VSR Award Winners

Name YearAuthor(s)ArticleVolumeIssue
Dudley Knight Award for Outstanding Vocal Scholarship2022Michael Dean Morgan Quarantine Stories-VASTA: From Concurrent Pandemics to Innovation163
Rocco Dal Vera Graduate Research Award2022Sarah Nichols Bridging the Gap between Voice Coaches and Sound Designers in the Theatre163
VSR Forum Article of the Year Award2022Warren Chu The Adventures and Challenges of Trailblazing the Linklater Voice Work in China163

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2018Rockford SansomA Guide to Publishing in the Voice and Speech Review121

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