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Call for Editor-in-Chief

Expert Review of Medical Devices
Deadline: 19th September 2022

Apply Here

About the Role

Expert Review of Medical Devices is currently recruiting for a new Editor-in-Chief. This role is a great opportunity for an academic with a strong research background in utilising medical devices in the clinical setting, and who also has the commitment, drive and ability to help develop the journal as it progresses.

The position of Editor-in-Chief is an exciting, multifarious, and diverse role, requiring a broad range of skills and experience. Not only would you be responsible for supporting the journal’s portfolio manager and commissioning editor across a range of editorial tasks, but you would also serve as a figurehead, promoting the journal at conferences, society events and within academic circles as well as by embodying the Taylor & Francis’ ethos of rigorous scientific integrity and strict ethical awareness.

As part of this role, you will be responsible for overseeing the submission and management of papers through peer review. We would require you to have prior experience in operating within an online submission system, assessing peer review comments and making decisions on manuscripts. Alongside this, we expect a strong publication track record of your own as well as a demonstrable passion for academic publishing. An enjoyment of the process would be beneficial for the role as well!

Becoming the editor of a journal is a rewarding and fulfilling experience where you will build your own networks, promote the research that you are passionate about, and be recognized as a leading figure within the academic community.

    Key Skills and Attributes

    Here are the skills and attributes we would be looking for in a successful applicant:

    • A proven track record as a key opinion leader and known figure within your scientific discipline;

    • Actively involved in growing and developing your academic networks through conference attendance and experience of networking through social media;

    • Significant experience in academic publishing and familiarity with all stages of the process;

    • The ability to play an active role in making editorial decisions on papers submitted to the journal and prior experience in similar editorial roles;

    • Knowledge of and commitment to the open access publishing environment;

    • The desire to develop editorial skills further within the role and a willingness to engage in training to this effect;

    • The capacity to devote time each week to editorial decision-making and attend editorial board meetings and training sessions as needed;

    • A vision and enthusiasm for the continuous development and transformation of the journal through understanding its commissioning and publication processes;

    • A strong commitment to ethical rigour as well as knowledge of the ICMJE and COPE guidelines and commitment to ensure that the journal adheres to strict ethical standards at all times;

    • A willingness to lead and spearhead an extensive editorial board through meetings and networking opportunities;

    • A commitment to continuously ensure that editorial boards are comprised of responsive and involved members and that all areas of the journal’s scope are fully covered;

    • The confidence to engage with authors and researchers to solicit the highest quality submissions on behalf of the journal;

    • A willingness to support the commissioning editor in generating topical and impactful article ideas and approaching experts in the field.

    Submitting your Application

    Applications shall include your CV, a Cover Letter and a Vision Statement. Your Vision Statement should be no longer than 1 page and include:

    • How you believe the field of medical devices is developing and what the journal must do to be a part of this development. For example, what new devices and relevant inventions/discoveries do you believe are becoming more critical in the field and how the journal can ensure it covers them well;

    • What do you envision your relationship with the editorial board and how would you manage these partnerships;

    • How you would work to engage authors further and encourage more high-quality submissions to the journal;

    • What you would do to manage the editorial processing of manuscripts to ensure that these duties are completed in a timely and ethical manner whilst also ensuring that the journal publishes high-impact research to help advance the field.

      The journal is committed to ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion within its editorial team and decision making processes. All applications will be treated as strictly confidential, and each will be judged on its merits without bias for seniority of institutional affiliation. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, or religious creed, mental or physical disability, medical condition, genetic information, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, military or protected veteran status, citizenship, or other protected characteristics.

    About the journal

    Expert Review of Medical Devices is part of the Expert Collection from Taylor and Francis, the world’s largest series of medical review journals, and provides a platform for experts in the field of medical devices to summarize and give their opinions on new and emerging topics in the field. In addition to narrative reviews, the journal also publishes original research, editorials, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and device evaluations.

    Expert Review of Medical Devices aims to address the needs of the device research community by providing a comprehensive body of high-quality information from leading experts. Each article is structured to incorporate the author’s own expert opinion on the impact of the topic on research and clinical practice and the scope for future development.

    Articles focus on the following key areas:
    • New and developing devices in cardiology, such as valves and delivery systems for TAVR, pacemakers for heart failure and many more.
    • Nerve and brain stimulation technologies for treating neurological conditions such as epilepsy.
    • Wound-repair and tissue-reconstruction devices and technology to treat trauma such as cuts, burns and others.
    • Dialysis machines and ECMO devices.
    • Remote monitoring devices including wearables such as wearable blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors and many more.
    • Telemedicine/telehealth systems and technology used in them, including in resource-constrained settings.
    • Imaging tools and technology across different therapy areas.
    • Machine-learning and AI in clinical settings.
    • Any other use of a device or technology in a clinical setting.

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