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Cadomian Crustal Evolution of Turkey, Iran and Environs

A new Special Issue proposal from International Geology Review

Deadline: 31 July 2020

Are you researching the Cadomian orogeny?

The editorial team of International Geology Review invites contributions to a Special Issue entitled Cadomian Crustal Evolution of Turkey, Iran and Environs.

The Cadomian orogeny occurred during the Ediacaran and into the Early Paleozoic (from 650 to 500 Ma) along the northern margin of Gondwana. This episode evolved from a magmatically vigorous convergent margin to the opening of a backarc basin that ultimately formed Paleotethys and separated the Cadomian ribbon continent from northern Gondwana.  This narrow and long microcontinent extended from western Europe to western Asia including Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan.  Cadomian accreted to Eurasia during the Late Paleozoic to form the Variscan or Hercynian orogeny. 

Cadomian crust is well known in western and southern Europe but its eastern extent is less well known. Over the last two decades, many exposures of Cadomian crystalline basement have been documented in Turkey and Iran. These basement exposures are mainly dominated by polymetamorphic rocks and granitoids, with evidence of recycled older crust.  Younger Paleozoic sedimentary rocks deposited on Cadomian crust before it accreted to Eurasia may also be considered as Cadomian.

In this Special Issue, we invite diverse contributions to our understanding of the Cadomian geological evolution of western Asia including Turkey, Iran and adjacent areas. A wide range of contributions covering the geodynamic, magmatic, metamorphism, and mineralization evolutions are encouraged.

International Geology Review

Submission guidelines

Contributions for the special issue can be submitted between July 31, 2019 and July 31, 2020. Manuscripts must be of more than local interest only and must appeal to a broad international audience. Figures must be of high quality and English must be up to the standard of a top international journal. Please contact one of the Guest Editors for further information.

Click on the options below to read our Aims & Scope, Instructions for Authors and to Submit your manuscript.

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Editorial information

Guest editor: Hossein Azizi, University of Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran (azizi1345@gmail.com).

Guest editor: Jean-Pierre Burg,  ETH Zürich and Universität Zürich, Switzerland (jean-pierre.burg@erdw.ethz.ch).

Guest editor: Gültekin Topuz, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey (topuzg@itu.edu.tr)

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