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Taylor & Francisでは、“Business Continuity Plan & Recovery (事業継続計画と再生)”をテーマに論文、そして書籍チャプターをまとめました。

Article Title Journal Title
Restock and straightening system for retail automation using compliant and mobile manipulation Advanced Robotics
Can a humanoid robot continue to draw attention in an office environment? Advanced Robotics
Exploring the diversity of creative prototyping in a global online learning environment International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation
A study of Chinese consumers’ adoption behaviour toward virtual fitting rooms International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education
A balance act: minimizing economic loss while controlling novel coronavirus pneumonia Journal of Chinese Governance
City brains and smart urbanization: regulating ‘sharing economy’ innovation in China Journal of Chinese Governance
Hotel ICON: towards a role-model hotel pioneering sustainable solutions Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research
A critique of the role of NGOs as partners in governance Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration
Governance of Sustainable Tourism Development in China Journal of China Tourism Research
Disability, technology innovation and social development in China and Australia Journal of Asian Public Policy
He who defends everything, defends nothing: Proactivity in Organizational Resilience Transnational Corporations Review
Organisational innovation facilitators as drivers for international trade between China and European Union Transnational Corporations Review
Is there a bottleneck for mobile money adoption in WAEMU? Transnational Corporations Review
The impact of the Internet of things on global trade: a multiple-case study on multinationals Transnational Corporations Review

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企業のトップはどのようにして困難に備えればいいのか ―

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