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Deadline for outline submissions (optional): 1 October 2019 | Deadline for paper submissions: 31 January 2020

Special Issue

Class, Education and Parenting: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

This special issue brings together current scholarly research on class, parenting and education across cultural contexts. It will be published as the first issue of 2021.

A major line of inquiry in the sociology of education addresses the role of parents in the transmission of cultural capital and the reproduction of social advantage. Perceptions and practices of parenting - primarily through gendered work and responsibilities - are shaped in response to changing requirements and expectations of what parents can and should be doing in relation to children’s education and the demands produced by educational institutions. Informed by Bourdieu's notion of cultural capital, studies have developed a range of concepts to describe and discuss the links between parenting, education and class. These include, among others, concerted cultivation and accomplishment of natural growth, intensive and extensive mothering, and parental anxiety. Most such studies address parenting, education and class in the contexts of North America and Western Europe.  

Against this background, the purpose of this special issue is to serve as a forum for the cross-cultural consideration of class, parenting and education as elaborated in a broad spectrum of contexts. In bringing together a range of studies, the special issue will seek to highlight commonalities and differences in parenting perspectives and practices, as these relate to children's education both inside and outside of school. We are particularly interested in studies that engage with the theoretical concepts mentioned above; we hope that the juxtaposition of studies from a wide range of contexts will enable theoretical elaboration of the links among parenting, class and education.  

In this spirit, the special issue invites high quality theoretical and empirical papers from different methodological approaches that focus on parenting and education in different cultural and class contexts.  We strongly encourage the submission of papers from scholars working on these issues in contexts beyond the USA and Western Europe.

Possible topics:

  • Theorization of parenting, education and mobility across class and culture
  • Parenting and education in anthropological and historical perspectives
  • Parenting and educational policy
  • Parenting and education in an era of global movement
  • Parenting, education and generational change
  • School choice and educational trajectories
  • Concerted cultivation and accomplishment of natural growth
  • Parental voice, involvement and empowerment
  • Gendered parenting practices and education
  • Parent-child relationships, intimacy and emotions
  • Alternative education, home-schooling
  • Methodological approaches to the study of parenting and education

Submission Guidelines

The special issue will be edited by Deborah Golden (Haifa University), Lauren Erdreich (Beit Berl College) Kari Stefansen (Oslo Metropolitan University), and Ingrid Smette (Oslo Metropolitan University) as guest editors of the British Journal of Sociology of Education. They welcome contributions engaged with sociological studies of parenting and education from doctoral or early career academics to established academics. We urge authors to refer to existing debates on parenting, class and education already published in the journal and to ensure that their article makes an original and theoretically informed contribution to the field.

Instructions for submission:

Preliminary outlines (optional):  Authors wishing to receive feedback from the Editors are invited to submit preliminary outlines of 500-600 words.  Authors wishing to take up this option should submit their outlines by 1st October 2019 to Deborah Golden 

Full papers: Full papers are to be submitted directly to the Journal by 31st January 2020 via ScholarOne. Papers are subject to the regular double-anonymous refereeing process. Word limit for papers is 8,000 words including references. Please refer to the Instructions for Authors on the Journal's webpages.   

No outlines or papers will be considered after closing dates for submission.

British Journal of Sociology of Education

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