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Bombing Britain: an air raid map

Explore the freely available interactive map of air raids on the UK during World War II

Bombing Britain details the 32,000+ German air raids that took place across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands between September 1939 and March 1945. This interactive map, based on wartime intelligence files from The National Archives, U.K., is freely available and includes information on the methodology and an accompanying essay written by the lead researcher Dr Laura Blomvall. In addition, you'll find a full data set for every air raid plotted on the map, which is free to download. 

Each pin represents one of the thousands of air raids and is based on original Ministry of Home Security intelligence reports. These reports provide valuable information such as the date and time of attacks, number of injuries, deaths and total casualties, and more.

About the Map

Throughout the Second World War, Regional Intelligence Officers across the UK produced twice-daily reports on every bomb attack in their area and passed them on to the Ministry of Home Security. These reports, sourced from The National Archives, U.K., provide a complete record of all attacks on the UK during the entirety of World War II. With the help of lead researcher Dr. Laura Blomvall, Routledge, Taylor & Francis transcribed the data to create an interactive map of all aerial raids on Britain from 1939 to 1945.

Map Features

  • Specific location search
  • Heat map view
  • Methodology
  • Full data set (free to download)
  • Essay and more...

Search Features

  • Filter by volume
  • Day/night raids
  • Start/end date
  • Region and more...

War, State and Society

Discovering Britain's home front during World War II

Bombing Britain: an air raid map supplements War, State and Society - a digital Primary Source Collection from Routledge, Taylor & Francis, created to help students, academics and researchers investigate the domestic situation in Britain during the Second World War and its aftermath. With files sourced from The National Archives, U.K. and the History of Advertising Trust, it provides access to thousands of documents from the collections of 11 U.K. government departments, citing a wide variety of themes and topics relating to social, economic, political, and cultural affairs. This provides a uniquely comprehensive insight into civilian life across the country, and the everyday impacts of total war. Each collection contains the reports of government departments, the records of local wartime organisations, and the voices of ordinary citizens living through the period.