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‘Bob Franklin Journal Article Award’

The Bob Franklin Journal Article Award, a collaboration between Journalism Studies, Journalism Practice and Digital Journalism, seeks to recognise the article that best contributes to our understanding of connections between culture and society and journalism practices, journalism studies and/or digital media/new technologies.

‘We’re delighted to announce the following long list selection from each journal for the 2020 Volume year. A short list will be announced soon, before the overall winner later in the year.’

Digital Journalism

Journal Article Title Author(s) Volume Issue/Year
Digital Journalism Restructuring Democratic Infrastructures: A Policy Approach to the Journalism Crisis Victor Pickard 8 6 (2020)
Digital Journalism Platform Civics: Facebook in the Local Information Infrastructure Kjerstin Thorson, Mel Medeiros, Kelley Cotter, et. al. 8 10 (2020)
Digital Journalism Online News User Journeys: The Role of Social Media, News Websites, and Topics Susan Vermeer, Damian Trilling, Sanne Kruikemeier, et. al. 8 9 (2020)
Digital Journalism An Emotional Turn in Journalism Studies? Karin Wahl-Jorgensen 8 2 (2020)
Digital Journalism Mob Censorship: Online Harassment of US Journalists in Times of Digital Hate and Populism Silvio Waisbord 8 8 (2020)

Journalism Studies

Journal Article Title Author(s) Volume Issue/Year
Journalism Studies From Novelty to Normalization? How Journalists Use the Term “Fake News” in their Reporting Jana Laura Egelhofer, Loes Aaldering, Jakob-Moritz Eber, et. al. 21 10 (2020)
Journalism Studies Is the Whole World Watching? Building a Typology of Protest Coverage on Social Media From Around the World Summer Harlow, Danielle K. Kilgo, Ramón Salaverría, et. al. 21 1 (2020)
Journalism Studies Towards an Experientialist Understanding of Journalism: Exploring Arts-based Research for Journalism Studies Sander Hölsgens, Saskia de Wildt & Tamara Witschge 21 7 (2020)
Journalism Studies Boundary Work: Intermedia Agenda-Setting Between Right-Wing Alternative Media and Professional Journalism Silje Nygaard 21 6 (2020)
Journalism Studies (Against a) Theory of Audience Engagement with News Steen Steensen, Raul Ferrer-Conill & Chris Peters 21 12 (2020)

Journalism Practice

Journal Article Title Author(s) Volume Issue/Year
Journalism Practice Journalists Primed: How Professional Identity Affects Moral Decision Making Patrick Ferrucci, Edson C. Tandoc Jr. & Erin E. Schauster 14 8 (2020)
Journalism Practice Deceptive Journalism: Characteristics of Untrustworthy News Items Charlotte Govaert, Luuk Lagerwerf & Céline Klemm 14 6 (2020)
Journalism Practice Journalists’ Perception of Time Pressure: A Global Perspective, Halliki Harro-Loit & Beate Josephi 14 4 (2020)
Journalism Practice Aggregation, Clickbait and Their Effect on Perceptions of Journalistic Credibility and Quality Logan Molyneux & Mark Coddington 14 4 (2020)
Journalism Practice #MeToo as Connective Action: a Study of the Anti-Sexual Violence and Anti-Sexual Harrassment Campaign on Chinese Social Media in 2018 Jing Zeng 14 2 (2020)