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Taylor & Francis 旗下拥有2700+本国际优质期刊,包含全部主要学科领域,为研究人员与学者提供高质量的综合学术交流平台。旗下的生物学期刊组合拥有230+ 国际期刊, 超30万篇同行评议文章,涵盖分子、细胞、生理、化学、医学等多个领域,拥有AutophagyMolecular and Cellular Biology 等全球领先刊物。

Journals by Subjects

Impact Factor: 13.3 (2022)
Autophagy publishes research on autophagic processes, to advance understanding of the connection between autophagy and human health and disease.
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Journal Title IF(2022) Quartile CiteScore(2022)
Autophagy 13.3 Q1 19.2
Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and Biotechnology 5.8 Q1 15.9
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry 5.6 Q1 9.7
Amyloid 5.5 Q1 8.6
Cell Cycle 4.3 Q2 7.7
Nucleus 3.7 Q3 6.7
Transcription 3.6 10.3
Adipocyte 3.3 Q3 4.9
Channels 3.3 Q3 5.6
Cell Adhesion & Migration 3.2 Q3 6.7
Tissue Barriers 3.1 5.7
Connective Tissue Research 2.9 Q2 6.6
Journal of Receptors and Signal Transduction 2.8 Q3 4.6
Biotechnic & Histochemistry 1.6 Q4 3.4
Autophagy Reports
Small GTPases 6.0
Journal of Mitochondria, Plastids and Endosymbiosis

Molecular and Cellular Biology
Impact Factor: 5.3 (2022)
This journal covers advancements in research around the molecular biology of all eukaryotic cells. It includes gene expression and genome organization, and studies of chronic diseases and conditions.
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RNA Biology
Impact Factor: 4.1 (2022)
Journal publishing cutting-edge research into RNA including RNA sequencing, bioinformatics, structural biology, transcription and splicing.
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Critical Reviews in Biotechnology
Impact Factor: 9.0 (2022)
Publishes on biotechnological techniques, including fermentation and genetic manipulation, relevant to fuel production and waste management industries.
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Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy
Impact Factor: 4.6 (2022)
A MEDLINE-indexed journal dedicated to all aspects of biological therapy including gene therapy, gene transfer technologies, therapeutic peptides and proteins, vaccines and antibodies, cell-based therapies, stem cell therapies, and tissue-based therapies. This journal offers accelerated publication
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Gut Microbes
Impact Factor: 12.2 (2022)
Gut Microbes publishes research on intestinal microbiota, and its role in gastrointestinal, liver, cardiac disease, cancer, and irritable and inflammatory bowel conditions.
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All Life
Impact Factor: 1.2 (2022)
Focuses on life science research contributing to achieving the goals of ‘Zero Hunger,’ ‘Good Health and Well-being,’ ‘Life Below Water’ and ‘Life on Land.’
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Mitochondrial DNA Part B
Impact Factor: 0.5 (2022)
Open-access research on mitochondrial DNA, particularly sequencing; rapid communications on its physical chemistry, biochemistry, metabolism and interactions.
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Mitochondrial DNA Part A
Impact Factor:
Research on chemistry and biochemistry and mitochondrial DNA manipulation, proteins in mtDNA metabolism and/or interactions; cytosolic and extracellular mtDNA.
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Epigenetics Reports
Impact Factor:
Publishes original research on all aspects of Epigenetics, including advances in epigenetic mechanisms and its regulation of biological and disease processes.
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Impact Factor:

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