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An Open Access Journal

Bioengineered is an open access, multi-disciplinary journal dedicated to publishing all aspects of bioengineering and biotechnology.

The journal aims to integrate bioengineering into other disciplines to improve the quality of the environment, health and our lives.

The journal welcomes submissions with a techno-socio-economic focus on the use of biotechnology for food, pharmaceutical and industrial applications, and its use in bioprocesses, bioproducts, conversion technologies, sustainable biological recycling and the recovery of environmental resources. The journal mainly focuses on fundamental and advance sciences, publishing original research and reviews, as well as comments on the latest advances and issues across the field to serve a broader readership.

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Bioengineered publishes frequent special issues, ranging from AI in biomedical imaging to conference symposia.

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Bioengineered is particularly interested in receiving manuscripts on:

  • Bioenergy and Biofuels

  • Biodefense

  • Bioengineered Therapeutics, Devices and Drug Delivery

  • Biomaterials

  • Biomolecules

  • Bioprocesses of organic resources

  • Bioremediation, biodegradation, and bioaccumulation

  • Biorefinery

  • Cellular Engineering

  • Fate of biological pollutants in the environment

  • Genetic Engineering

  • Molecular Engineering

  • Systems and Synthetic Bioengineering

  • Theoretical and Computational Bioengineering


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Why publish in Bioengineered?

  • Increase the visibility and readership of your research by publishing in a fully open access journal.

  • Make an impact beyond the academy by making your article accessible to anyone, anywhere (including readers in industry and even policy-makers).

  • Benefit from format-free submission, saving you more time for your research.

  • Freely share your work with no restrictions or paywall.

  • Retain ownership of your research through our unrestrictive publishing agreements.

Bioengineered welcomes submission of original manuscripts with a focus on fundamental and advance sciences, including reviews and comments on the latest advances and issues across the field.

Mohammed Taherzadeh in a lab coat

Meet the Editor-in-Chief

Mohammed Taherzadeh

The Editor-in-Chief of ‘Bioengineered’ is Mohammed Taherzadeh, Professor in Bioprocess Technology at the Swedish Centre of Resource Recovery, University of Borås, Sweden.

We caught up with Mohammad to discuss his plans for the development of the journal in the face of current challenges for the research community, and what the journal has to offer to authors. 

Read the RNAs collection

The Editor has chosen a selection of popular recent articles from the journal below on the theme of RNAs. Navigate the links below to read the articles.

About RNAs

The majority of RNA species in eukaryotic cells is comprised of non-coding RNA (ncRNA) rather than messenger RNA (mRNA), and studies have shown that these ncRNAs play a vital role in physiological and developmental processes. Previously, scientists mainly focused on linear ncRNAs, such as long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) and micro-RNAs (miRNAs), indicating that these linear ncRNAs have multiple functions in physiological and pathological processes. As a kind of unique circular ncRNA, circular RNAs (circRNAs) have been considered accidental by-products or ‘splicing noise’ with low abundance and little functional potential, resulting from errors during post-transcriptional processing. Now, circRNAs have been recognized and taken seriously in various biological fields. Recent studies have experimentally confirmed the significant biological functions of circRNAs, especially in the field of cancer.

Source: Shang Q et al. The novel roles of circRNAs in human cancer. Mol Cancer. 2019 Jan 9;18(1):6. doi: 10.1186/s12943-018-0934-6

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