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The Public Health Journals Portfolio at Taylor & Francis is a collection of esteemed publications that provide groundbreaking insights and research in the field of public health.

With a commitment to promoting healthy communities and improving public health outcomes worldwide, our journals cover a wide range of topics including epidemiology, health policy, infectious diseases, sexual health, and more.

Our esteemed editorial boards ensure that our journals uphold the highest standards of scientific rigor and accuracy, making them essential reading for public health professionals, researchers, and policymakers.

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Health Systems & Reform

Health Systems & Reform publishes Open Access research and policy analysis on health system performance, management and equity around the globe.
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The Journal of Sex Research

The Journal of Sex Research publishes research into the scientific study of sexuality, spanning the disciplines of psychology, education and allied health.
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Global Public Health

Global Public Health publishes research into public health, health access and global health policies, development, inequalities and management.
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Critical Public Health

Publishes critically engaged research on public health, health promotion, sociology, and psychology and explores oppression, equity and social justice in health.
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Global Health Action

Global Health Action is an international journal publishing research in the field of global health, addressing transnational health and policy issues. 
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Cities & Health

Publishes international research on urban health and health equity including urban design, epidemiology, city governance, landscape and spatial planning.
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Cogent Public Health

Publishes research on biomedical science, experimental, translational and clinical approaches, immunology, epidemiology, pharmaceutical science and infections.
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Health Care for Women International

Publishes studies across the lifespan on public health and health care practice concerning global women’s health issues. 
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Journal of Mental Health

An international journal for the latest research in the mental health field, including treatment and care.
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Hospital Topics

Provides healthcare professionals and managers with research on healthcare management, delivery, information systems, financing, job satisfaction and errors.
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Women & Health

Women & Health publishes international research on the physical, sociocultural and psychological aspects of women’s health and disease.
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Risk Management and Healthcare Policy

Publishes open access research on public and community health, preventative and predictive healthcare, vaccination and disease transmission, policy and law.

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