Taylor & Francis Group 旗下拥有众多建筑与土木工程类优质期刊,本文聚焦建筑、土木结构与岩土工程,涵盖领域内最新研究、高被引研究、高阅读量研究以及主题征稿等刊内最新动态,欢迎浏览以下期刊资源,查阅更多信息。

Impact Factor 2022: 4.8
JCR 2022: Q1
Advancing research on the risks, uncertainties and treatment of geomaterials and geohazards, and the impact and management of engineered systems.
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Impact Factor 2022: 3.8
JCR 2022: Q2
Publishes research on pavement design, mechanics, materials and construction for engineering efficient, reliable and sustainable pavement systems.
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Impact Factor 2022: 2.5
JCR 2022: Q3
Publishes international research on building performance simulation including modelling and simulating thermal processes, energy conversion and weather data.
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Impact Factor 2022: 1.5
JCR 2022: Q4
Focuses on the development and application of ventilation, including measurement techniques, driving forces, energy issues, performance and strategies.
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Impact Factor 2022: 3.1
JCR 2022: Q1
Publishes international research into oceanography including weather prediction, climate forecasting, ocean technologies and policy, and ecosystem health.
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Impact Factor 2022: 3.7
JCR 2022: Q2
Publishes works on design, maintenance, management and lifecycle of infrastructures and methods for analyzing and optimizing infrastructure performance.
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Impact Factor 2022: 1.8
JCR 2022: Q3
Focuses on “hard” and “soft” systems thinking and techniques in systems engineering, environmental engineering decision-making and engineering management.
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Impact Factor 2022: 1.3
JCR 2022: Q4
Publishes research on natural, geographical, socio-economical and cultural conditions in Asia, providing architects and building engineers with solutions.
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Title 2022 Impact Factor 2022 Impact Factor Best Quartile 2022 Cite Score
International Journal of Mining Reclamation and Environment 2.4 Q2 1.6
Urban Water Journal 2.7 Q2 5.5
Building Research & Information 3.9 Q2 4.4
Architectural Engineering and Design Management 2.9 Q2 9.2
Coastal Engineering Journal 2.4 Q2 4.4
Journal of Marine Engineering & Technology 2.6 Q2 5.5
Road Materials and Pavement Design 3.7 Q2 5.2
Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials 4.4 Q2 7.7
Journal of Earthquake Engineering 2.6 Q2 9.1
LEUKOS: The journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society 3.6 Q2 5.1
European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering 2.1 Q3 8.5
Ships and Offshore Structures 2.1 Q3 4.0
International Journal of Architectural Heritage: Conservation, Analysis, and Restoration 2.4 Q3 3.9
Structural Engineering International 1.1 Q4 6.2
Construction Management & Economics 3.4 / 2.7
Advances in Building Energy Research 2.0 / 6.2
Architectural Science Review 2.3 / 4.5
Australian Journal of Civil Engineering 1.3 / 5.6
Geomechanics & Geoengineering: An International Journal 1.3 / 3.6
Geosystem Engineering 1.7 / 2.6
Intelligent Buildings International 2.3 / 2.8
International Journal of Construction Management 3.9 / 3.8
Australian Journal of Structural Engineering 1.1 / 7.1
Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure 5.9 / 2.6
Journal of Structural Integrity and Maintenance 2.1 / 8.1
Australasian Journal of Water Resources 3.2 / 2.8

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