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Automotive's Top Publications

Get the most out of your research with our top journals in the automotive industry

TCRS Cover

International Journal of Crashworthiness

We cover all matters relating to the crashworthiness of road vehicles, rail vehicles, air and spacecraft, ships and submarines, and on- and off-shore installations.

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TPPC Cover

Production Planning & Control

We are an international journal on the management of operations in all industries. We focus on research that stems from an industrial need.

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GCPI Cover

Traffic Injury Prevention

We bridge the disciplines of medicine, engineering, public health and traffic safety. We focus on research, interventions and evaluations in the areas of traffic safety, crash causation, injury prevention and treatment.

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UTRB Cover

Tribology Transactions

Tribology Transactions contains experimental and theoretical papers on friction, wear, lubricants, lubrication, materials, machines and moving components.

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URTM Cover

Research-Technology Management

RTM is the leading peer-reviewed journal focused on the practice of innovation. We publish articles that map the cutting edge in R&D management, and illustrate management theory. Through this, these theories can be applied to real-world challenges. We give R&D managers the tools to promote innovation throughout their organizations.

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Vehicle System Dynamics

Vehicle System Dynamics

Vehicle System Dynamics is a source of information for vehicle engineers and applied scientists. It emphasizes the theoretical background of research and development problems.

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