Open Access Month 2023

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Open-access research refers to the practice of making scholarly literature freely available to the public online. This approach aims to remove barriers to knowledge by providing unrestricted access to research papers, articles, and other academic materials. Open access promotes transparency, collaboration, and the dissemination of knowledge, making it accessible to a global audience, regardless of financial or institutional constraints. It often involves authors or institutions covering publication costs, ensuring that research findings are readily accessible for anyone to read, share, and build upon.

We are excited to showcase the large range of authors and academic research we have published. We truly value open access for democratizing knowledge, fostering global collaboration, advancing research, and ensuring equitable access to information, promoting a more inclusive and informed society.

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    Trending Open Access Journals

    These are some trending open access journals and articles among the many we publish.

    Celebrating 10 Years of Open Access Books

    Top 10 Most Downloaded Open Access Books from the last decade. Click here to view more >>

    Small Sample Size Solutions

    Researchers often have difficulties collecting enough data to test their hypotheses, either because target groups are small or hard to access, or because data collection entails prohibitive costs. Such obstacles may result in data sets that are too small for the complexity of the statistical model needed to answer the research question.

    The Politics of Evidence

    This book provides new insights into the nature of political bias with regards to evidence and critically considers what an ‘improved’ use of evidence would look like from a policymaking perspective.

    Metacognition in Language Learning and Teaching

    This book offers an exhaustive look at the latest research on metacognition in language learning and teaching and is divided into theoretical and empirical chapters, highlighting a diverse set of methodological approaches.

    Toxic Cyanobacteria in Water

    This second edition of Toxic Cyanobacteria in Water presents the current state of knowledge on the occurrence of cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins as well as their impacts on health through water-related exposure pathways, chiefly drinking-water and recreational activity.

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    Open Research

    Open research (or ‘open science’) makes all the outputs of a research project available for anyone to read and build upon. We believe that open research is the best way to amplify and communicate research to deliver change that improves lives.

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    Choose Open Access

    Partnering with Taylor & Francis to open up your researcher’s articles and books. Ope access makes published research freely and permanently available online, so anyone can read and build upon it.

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    Open Access Choices for Researcers

    Taylor & Francis Group offers a diverse range of open access (OA) options for authors to publish in journals, online platforms and books.

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