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Aerosol Science & Technology Most Read Collection

We are pleased to bring you this Most Read Collection of articles from Aerosol Science and Technology, the official journal of the American Association for Aerosol Research. Every paper featured, is free to access exclusively via this page, until March 2020. We'll update the page with Most Read Research next year, so be sure to bookmark this page.
Chemical characterization of nanoparticles and volatiles present in mainstream hookah smoke David A. Herman, James N. Smith, Kurtis T. Malecha, Michael T. Kleinman, Michael J. Lawler, Michael T. Kleinman, Norbert Staimer, Rebecca M. Johnson, Sergey A. Nizkorodov, Veronique Perraud
Grand challenges for aerosol science and technology Richard C. Flagan, Urs Baltensperger, C. M. Sorensen, David Y. H. Pui
Collection of soot particles into aqueous suspension using a particle-into-liquid sampler Anna Wonaschuetz, Eva Sommer, Hinrich Grothe, Lorenz Witek, Regina Hitzenberger, Theresa Haller
Application of a FIGAERO ToF CIMS for on-line characterization of real-world fresh and aged particle emissions from buses M. Le Breton, M. Psichoudaki, M. Hallquist, Å. K. Watne, A. Lutz & Å. M. Hallquist
Universal relations between soot effective density and primary particle size for common combustion sources Jason Olfert
Effect of heterogeneous oxidative aging on light absorption by biomass burning organic aerosol Kevin R. Wilson, Kelsey J. Ridley, Jesse H. Kroll, Christopher D. Cappa, Eleanor C. Browne, Jonathan P. Franklin, Thomas W. Kirchstetter, Xiaolu Zhang
Characterization of a new miniCAST with diffusion flame and premixed flame options: Generation of particles with high EC content in the size range 30 nm to 200 nm Konstantina Vasilatou, Michaela N. Ess
Development of a realistic human respiratory tract cast representing physiological thermal conditions Arkadiusz K. Kuczaj, Barthélemy Dunan, Francesco Lucci, et al.
Counting efficiency determination from quantitative intercomparison between expansion and laminar flow type condensation particle counter C. Tauber, G. Steiner, Gerhard Steiner, P. M. Winkler
A language to simplify computation of differential mobility analyzer response functions Markus D. Petters

Aerosol Science and Technology

Aerosol Science and Technology publishes theoretical, numerical and experimental investigations papers that advance knowledge of aerosols and facilitate its application. Articles on either basic or applied work are suitable. Examples of topics include instrumentation for the measurement of aerosol physical, optical, chemical and biological properties; aerosol dynamics and transport phenomena; numerical modeling; charging; nucleation; nanoparticles and nanotechnology; lung deposition and health effects; filtration; and aerosol generation.

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