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Welcome 2020 ASSA delegates

It's a great time to be an economic or financial expert...

It is a great time to be an academic economic or financial expert. Current developments in the international political arena, such as Brexit and trade relations between the US and China, have potentially huge implications for the health of many national economies. Awareness of the environmental damage caused by individuals’ consumption - in agriculture and industry - is growing alongside a much greater consciousness of the need for a dramatic change in behavior. Behavioral economics and behavioral finance are highlighting the implications that individuals’ behavior can have beyond the micro-level, and how those behaviors can be ‘nudged’. 

Hence, there is scope for significant and impactful economics and finance research, made easier because of the now sophisticated econometric tools to analyse and forecast economic change. There is also greater knowledge amassed on how to conduct experiments effectively, supported by the growing popularity of publishing research outputs in open access journals, where publication may be quicker and there is scope to reach broader audiences. 

Similarly we are fortunate to be teaching these subjects in an era of change, as evolving technologies continue to influence how we teach and how students learn. As such, the online open access journal Cogent Economics and Finance remains interested in receiving submissions discussing recent teaching, learning and assessment advances. Crucially though, the editors will be looking for discussions of these advances with supporting evidence of their impact.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Professor Caroline Elliott, Senior Editor, Cogent Economics & Finance

Caroline Elliott, Senior Editor of Cogent Economics & Finance
Cogent Economics & Finance

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