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Most Read Collection from the American Society for Quality

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We are pleased to bring you this Most Read Collection of articles from the American Society for Quality's three publications. Each featured article is free to view, exclusively via this page. 

In addition, beneath each set of articles is a brief Q&A from each journal's Editor-in-Chief, so be sure to get to know the journals better by reading the questions and answers!

Quality Management Journal
Article Author
Performance measurement of the complaint and failure management process Robert H. Schmitt, Vanya Telpis, Maximilian Ruessmann, Thomas Hellebrandt, Paul Rutten, Ina Heine, Ulrich Huber
The Effectiveness of ISO 9001-Based Healthcare Accreditation Surveyors and Standards on Hospital Performance Outcomes: A Balanced Scorecard Perspective William Ritchie, William J. Ritchie, John Ni, Eric M. Stark, Steven A. Melnyk
How Lean Six Sigma Principles Improve Hospital Performance Vitor Zanetti Bernardo, Mateus Cecílio Gerolamo, Ana Carolina Honda, Mark M. Davis
The impact of grocery retail superstores location on the customer’s perceived quality of servicescape in Jordan Yazan Khalid Abed-Allah Migdadi, Yazan Migdadi, Enas Hasan Ali Abdel-Rahman
An empirical study of U.S. hospital quality: Readmission rates, organizational culture, patient satisfaction, and Facebook ratings C. R. Gowen III, Kathleen L. McFadden, Charles R. Gowen, Jung Young Lee, Kathleen McFadden
Quality Engineering
Article Author
The revised Tennessee Eastman process simulator as testbed for SPC and DoE methods Francesca Capaci, Erik Vanhatalo, Bjarne Bergquist, Murat Kulahci
Improving Product Design Using Quality Function Deployment: The School Furniture Case in Developing Countries Marvin E. González, A. Terry Bahill, Gioconda Quesada
Innovation, Quality Engineering, and Statistics George Box, William H. Woodall, George E. P. Box
Exploratory text data analysis for quality hypothesis generation Kaveh Akbari, Theodore T. Allen, Zhenhuan Sui
Model-Dependent Variance Inflation Factor Cutoff Values James G. Surles, Trevor A. Craney