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Global Asia and Asian Studies


Refreshed for 2020, this research collection explores key areas of interest and relevance in Asian Studies. From social media in authoritarian states to reproductive politics, migrant worker conditions, sustainable development, and the Hong Kong protests, the highlighted articles and book chapters traverse disciplines and advance leading-edge themes. Browse these contributions to investigate new takes on Asian Studies as a multifaceted, interdisciplinary, and ever-evolving field, transcending boundaries between geographic areas.

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Article Title Author(s) Journal Title Online Publication Year
Seeking performance or control? Tethered party innovation in China’s performance evaluation system Zhen Wang Journal of Chinese Governance 2020
How to think about cyber sovereignty: the case of China Yu Hong & G. Thomas Goodnight Chinese Journal of Communication 2019
Thailand’s Thwarted Democratization Paul Chambers & Napisa Waitoolkiat Asian Affairs: An American Review 2019
Embattled authoritarians: continuity and collapse in Central and Southwest Asia Charles J. Sullivan Asian Security 2019
Survive and Thrive: Field Research in Authoritarian Southeast Asia Lee Morgenbesser & Meredith L. Weiss Asian Studies Review 2018
Jokowi’s Authoritarian Turn and Indonesia’s Democratic Decline Thomas P. Power Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies 2018
Authoritarian Resilience Revisited: Joseph Fewsmith with Response from Andrew J. Nathan Joseph Fewsmith & Andrew J. Nathan Journal of Contemporary China 2018
Facebook and political participation in Cambodia: determinants and impact of online political behaviours in an authoritarian state Sereyvicheth Chunly South East Asia Research 2019
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"Manipulating the public sphere in North Korea, Burma/Myanmar, and China" in The Authoritarian Public Sphere: Legitimation and Autocratic Power in North Korea, Burma, and China, 1st Edition (2017). By Alexander Dukalskis.

"When democracy is questioned: Competing democratic principles and struggles for democracy in Thailand" in Political Participation in Asia: Defining and Deploying Political Space, 1st Edition (2017). Chapter by Bencharat Sae Chua.

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Economic Development

Article Title Author(s) Journal Title Online Publication Year
China’s Economic Development and Development Economics Innovation Xie Fuzhan Social Sciences in China 2019
Labour Share and Economic Growth in OECD Countries Yong Min Kim & Ki Seong Park Global Economic Review 2019
The Entrepreneurial Developmental State: What is the Perceived Impact of South Korea’s Creative Economy Action Plan on Entrepreneurial Activity? Ramon Pacheco Pardo & Robyn Klingler-Vidra Asian Studies Review 2019
Indonesia’s Restrained State Capitalism: Development and Policy Challenges Kyunghoon Kim Journal of Contemporary Asia 2019
Joint development in the South China sea: China’s incentives and policy choices Huaigao Qi Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies 2019
Energy and economic growth in developing Asian economies Muhammad Azam Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy 2019
The “Absence” of Asian Regional Economic Integration and the Development Orientation of the Belt and Road Li Xiangyang Social Sciences in China 2019
Economic Techno-Politics and Technocratic Development in the Oecusse-Ambeno Enclave, Timor-Leste Laura S. Meitzner Yoder The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology 2018
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Related Books & Chapters

The Asian Economy: Contemporary Issues and Challenges (2020). Edited by Kenta Goto, Tamaki Endo, & Asei Ito.

"Japan and the EU as International Actors" in EU–Japan Relations and the Crisis of Multilateralism, 1st Edition (2019). By Julie Gilson.

"Gendered discourses of development in two Indian states" in Gender, Development, and the State in India, 1st Edition (2019). By Carole Spary.

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Related Books & Chapters

"Sinification by greening: Politics, nature, and ethnic borderlands in Maoist ecocinema" in Ecology and Chinese-Language Cinema: Reimagining a Field (2019). Chapter by Cheng Li.

"ASEAN regionalism and the politics of the environment" in Environmental Cooperation in Southeast Asia: ASEAN's Regime for Trans-boundary Haze Pollution, 1st Edition (2010). By Paruedee Nguitragool.

Celebrate 50 years of the Journal of Contemporary Asia!

2020 marks JCA's 50th year in publication, and its virtual anniversary issue is available now. Explore the scholarly contributions of the journal's current and former editors with articles ranging from 1970 to present.

Gender and Sexuality

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Related Books & Chapters

"Second-generation women's memory and cultural identity" in Zainichi Korean Women in Japan: Voices, 1st Edition (2018). By Jackie J. Kim-Wachutka.

"Fertile subjects: Global reproductive politics at the intersections of caste, class and gender" in Fertility, Health and Reproductive Politics: Re-imagining Rights in India, 1st Edition (2019). By Maya Unnithan.

Protests and Social Movements

Article Title Author(s) Journal Title Online Publication Year
Smartphones versus NHK? Mobilization strategies of the Japanese anti-nuclear movement under Abe’s restrictive media policy Anna Wiemann Contemporary Japan 2020
A REPORT OF THE 2019 HONG KONG PROTESTS Martin Purbrick Asian Affairs 2019
Rethinking mediated political engagement: social media ambivalence and disconnective practices of politically active youths in Hong Kong Tsz Hang Chu & Tien Ee Dominic Yeo Chinese Journal of Communication 2019
Mass Protests in China (III): Summary and Government Response Policy James Tong Chinese Law & Government 2019
A city and a SAR on fire: as if everything and nothing changes* Daniel Vukovich Critical Asian Studies 2019
A divided movement: urban activists, NGOs, and the fault-lines of a peasant struggle Mubbashir Rizvi South Asian History and Culture 2019
The Politics of Counter-Expertise on Aerial Spraying: Social Movements Denouncing Pesticide Risk Governance in the Philippines Lisette J. Nikol & Kees Jansen Journal of Contemporary Asia 2018
Hong Kong 2007-2017: a backlash in civil society Elaine Chan & Joseph Chan Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration 2017

*Open access

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Related Books & Chapters

"Masked demonstrations: Deploying creative tactics to protest air pollution" in China’s Youth Cultures and Collective Spaces: Creativity, Sociality, Identity and Resistance, 1st Edition (2019). Chapter by Elizabeth Brunner.

"Transnational locality: theories of diasporas and social movements in relation to indentured Indians" in Social Movements and the Indian Diaspora, 1st Edition (2015). By Movindri Reddy.

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Conflict and Peace

Article Title Author(s) Journal Title Online Publication Year
Window of opportunity for a New Détente: “Tight Link Strategy” of Moon Jae-in Administration and ROK–DPRK–US triangle* Kyungwon Choi Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies 2020
Peaceful Means of Resolving Political Conflicts in the Pre-Qin Period and Their Historical Influence Li Xinfeng Social Sciences in China 2020
Living without closure: memories of counter-insurgency and secret killings in Assam Dixita Deka Asian Ethnicity 2019
A cautious balance – explaining India’s approach toward Afghanistan’s peace process Avinash Paliwal Asian Security 2019
Constructing dynamic security governance: institutional peace through multilateralism in the Asia Pacific Kai He Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies 2019
Korean peace building and Sino–US relations: an “Ad-hoc” concert of interests? Hideya Kurata Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies 2019
New histories of political violence and revolutionary terrorism in modern South Asia* Andrew Amstutz, Daniel Elam, Rishad Choudhury, Mou Banerjee, Rohit De, Michael Silvestri, Kama Maclean & Durba Ghosh South Asian History and Culture 2019

*Open access

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Related Books & Chapters

"Perspectives on Chinese sovereignty" in Chinese Constructions of Sovereignty and the East China Sea Conflict, 1st Edition (2019). By Czeslaw Tubilewicz.

"The conflict in the Indian northeast" in Conflict in India and China's Contested Borderlands: A Comparative Study, 1st Edition (2019). By Kunal Mukherjee.

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Related Books & Chapters

"Does third-party monitoring improve labor rights? The case of Cambodia" in Labor, Global Supply Chains, and the Garment Industry in South Asia: Bangladesh after Rana Plaza, 1st Edition (2019). Chapter by Kristy Ward.

"Forced labour and arrest in Edo and Ezo" in Prisons and Forced Labour in Japan: The Colonization of Hokkaido, 1881-1894, 1st Edition (2018). By Pia Maria Jolliffe.

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