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Asian Journal of Sport History & Culture

Aims & Scope

Asian Journal of Sport History & Culture (AJSH&C) is a partner journal to the International Journal of the History of Sport (IJHS). Its launch in 2020 is a reflection of the remarkable growth of academic and policy analysis of Asian sport, its history, and culture, over the period since the beginning of the 21st century. AJSH&C thus aims to provide a defined outlet for stimulation of fully refereed (English language) articles, with a disciplinary base in the social sciences and humanities, which address contemporary and historical developments in Asian sport.

AJSH&C will initially publish three issues per year, and will continue to operate in conjunction with IJHS. It will maintain the position of the parent journal within the Social Science Citation Index, while providing an identity for work with an explicitly Asian focus in the field of sport history and culture.   

Cover of the Asian Journal of Sport History & Culture

Submit your paper to Asian Journal of Sport History & Culture

As a partner journal to The International Journal of the History of Sport, submissions to AJSH&C are made via the IJHS Scholar One Manuscripts site.

Please view the IJHS Instructions for Authors for guidance on how to submit your paper.

When you are ready to submit a manuscript you can do so here.

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Editor in Chief

Prof. FAN Hong - Shanghai University of Sport, China


Academic Editors

Dr. Mahfoud AMARA - Qatar University, Qatar

Prof. Ian HENRY - Loughborough University, UK

Dr. LU Zhouxiang - National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland


Editorial Board

Dr. Nick APLIN - Physical Education & Sports Science, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Prof. Paul BOWMAN - Cardiff University, UK

Prof. Simon CHADWICK - Salford Business School, The University of Salford, UK

Dr. CHEN Shushu - School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Birmingham, UK

Prof. Simon CREAK - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Prof. DONG Jinxia - Peking University, China

Prof. James M. DORSEY - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Prof. FANG Qianhua - Fujian Normal University, China

Dr. FENG Jing - Jiangxi - University of Finance and Economics, China

Prof. Adam D. FRANK - University of Central Arkansas, USA

Dr. GUAN Zhixun - Zhejiang Normal University, China

Dr. Peng Han LIM - University of Malaya, Malaysia

Prof. Peter HERRMANN - Corvinus University, Hungary

Prof. HUANG Fuhua - Jinan University, China

Dr. Benjamin JUDKINS - Cornell University, USA

Dr. KO Ling-Mei - South Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Prof. LIU Huimei - School of Humanities, Zhejiang University, China

Dr. Jörg KRIEGER - Department of Public Health - Sport Science, Aarhus University, Denmark

Prof. LEE Ping-Chao - National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan

Dr. LEE Jung Woo - University of Edinburgh, UK

Prof. Peter LORGE - Department of History, Vanderbilt University, USA

Prof. Amung MA'MUN - University Pendidikan Indonesia, Indonesia

Dr. Udo MERKEL - University of Brighton, UK

Prof. Udo MOENIG - Youngsan University, South Korea

Prof. NA Young-Il - Seoul National University, South Korea

Rakesh RAMAMOORTHY - St. John’s College, The University of Kerala, India

Prof. Souvik NAHA - Durham University, UK

Prof. Rusli LUTAN - Indonesia University of Education, Indonesia

Prof. Satoshi SHIMIZU - Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Prof. TAN Tien-chin - National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Prof. Toho Cholik MUTOHIR - The State University of Surabaya, Indonesia 

Dr. Friederike TROTIER - Department of Southeast Asian Studies, University of Passau, Germany

Prof. Wray VAMPLEW - University of Stirling, UK

Dr. Ben WEINBERG - German Sport University, Cologne, Germany

Prof. XIONG Huan - South China Normal University, China

Prof. XUE Lan - Zhejiang Normal University, China

Prof. YANG Hua - Beijing Sport University, China

Dr. ZHANG Huijie - Jinan University, China

Dr. ZHANG Jie - Jinan University, China

Senior Book Review Editor

Prof. Guy PODOLER - University of Haifa, Israel

Review Editors

Prof. Gwang OK - Chungbuk National University, South Korea

Prof. ZHENG Guohua - Shanghai University of Sport, China

Dr. Marcus Pok CHU - Lingnan University, Hong Kong


Social Media Representative

Dr. LIU Li - Anhui Normal University, China