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Brain-Apparatus Communication: A Journal of Bacomics

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Moving pictures in Brain-Apparatus Communication: motor imagery

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03 July 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Dezhong Yao, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
[email protected]

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Moving pictures in Brain-Apparatus Communication: motor imagery

The role the brain plays in movement and kinesthetics is pivotal knowledge. Therefore, the potential behind Motor Image Brain-Apparatus Communication is immense, for both everyday human function and rehabilitation following injury. The mental imagination involved in motor imagery is powerful, but further research is needed to implement best practices when converting imagination into commands and movement in external devices.

Equally, the data harnessed for this process, using Deep Learning and Machine Learning requires careful consideration. This is to maximise the benefits of data collection and can be used to further the rehabilitation process for patients or improve the movements of external musculoskeletal models.

The mathematical algorithms underlying these patterns of motor imagery are of central importance to Brain-Apparatus Communication and movement. How can researchers optimize the hardware used in motor imagery, or discover newfound potential in pre-existing devices, including prosthetics? Further considerations include the variation between devices and motor function planned.

This Article Collection will solicit articles related to the following subjects. However, we welcome all submissions related to the umbrella topic of motor imagery:

  • Development of motor imagery and brain-computer interface paradigms
  • Clinical benefit of motor imagery brain-computer interfaces for individuals living with impaired mobility
    • Includes external devices (e.g., prosthetics)
  • Comparisons between invasive and non-invasive devices for the purpose of motor imagery
  • Rehabilitation of neurological and motor systems through motor imagery
  • Health economics of motor imagery – including implementation, manufacturing and accounting for challenges

Instructions for Authors

The following Article Types will be considered: research article, review article, perspectives, editorials and letters to the Editor.

When submitting your article, please select the Article Collection, ‘Moving pictures in Brain-Apparatus Communication: motor imagery’ from the drop-down menu on the submission system.

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