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Brain-Apparatus Communication: A Journal of Bacomics

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Heart on sleeve: uncovering complexities in Brain-heart Communication

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03 July 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Dezhong Yao, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
[email protected]

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Heart on sleeve: uncovering complexities in Brain-heart Communication

As Brain-Apparatus Communication expands in its applications, the relationship between various organs and the brain are assessed. This article collection aims to focus on how the brain and the heart can work together, and how technology can provide further understanding on the partnership between these two vital organs. An additional focus is the machinery used, which assists researchers and clinicians in allowing individuals to stay healthy and well.

This is particularly evident given the various routes for the brain to communicate with the heart, including the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. What effects does disease have at both ends of this relationship and what lessons can be learned from measuring both heart and brain? Manuscripts investigating potential treatment options, and the mechanisms underlying therapies, will also be an integral part of the Article Collection.

Moreover, the journal aims to uncover how improvements can be made to the technology involved in both invasive and non-invasive assessment of Brain-heart Communication. Additional aims include how to refine the accuracy of available measurements. In doing so, the wealth of information uncovered may push the medical field forward to new heights. We invite authors to publish their manuscripts relating to the complex relationship of Brain-heart Communication.

This Article Collection will solicit articles related to the following subjects. However, we welcome all submissions related to the umbrella topic of Brain-heart Communication:

  • Development and understanding of neuronal networks related to brain-heart communication
  • Available and developing technology for measuring heart-brain communication and interaction
  • Impacts of disease on brain-heart communication
    • Including mental health or neurological diagnoses
  • Population-wide practices for measuring brain-heart communication and related variables
  • Current challenges and future applications for brain-heart communication in both applied settings and research

Instructions for Authors

The following Article Types will be considered: research article, review article, perspectives, editorials and letters to the Editor.

When submitting your article, please select the Article Collection, ‘Heart on sleeve: uncovering complexities in Brain-heart Communication’ from the drop-down menu on the submission system.

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