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Innovation in Sustainable Entrepreneurship

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31 August 2024

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Susana C. Santos, Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship, Florida State University, United States
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Innovation in Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Sustainable entrepreneurship focuses on “the preservation of nature, life support, and community in the pursuit of perceived opportunities to bring into existence future products, processes, and services for gain, where gain is broadly construed to include economic and non–economic gains to individuals, the economy, and society” (Shepherd & Patzelt, 2011, p. 142). As such, sustainable entrepreneurship is frequently framed as a critical mechanism to help society progress towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Scholarly research has explored different aspects of sustainable entrepreneurship, including its conceptualization, processes, antecedents, and outcomes at the individual, organizational, and system levels (see Anand et al. 2021 for a bibliometric review).

This Article Collection aims to disseminate recent research highlighting the role of innovation in sustainable entrepreneurship. Scholars from entrepreneurship, business, social sciences, arts and humanities, education, engineering, and other disciplines have ample opportunity to share ideas and discuss new innovations globally, with the collective goal of increasing social and economic value in our changing world.

How can new ventures drive novel and innovative solutions and processes for sustainability? Innovation is broadly defined to include new technologies, agile teaching techniques, improvements to policy, novel social forms of organizations and more.

By submitting your research to this Article Collection, it is hoped that together, we can think strategically about the challenges currently facing sustainable entrepreneurship and drive forward change for businesses, individuals, and society.

This Article Collection will solicit articles related to the following subjects. However, we welcome all submissions related to the umbrella topic of progress in sustainable entrepreneurship:

  • Technology and Artificial Intelligence and the creation of novel sustainable solutions and products
  • Innovative pedagogical practices to teach sustainable entrepreneurship in formal and informal places of education and training
  • Innovation and ethics in new and scalable ventures
  • Policies to promote innovation in sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Forms and types of innovations in sustainable entrepreneurship in different contexts
  • Financing innovation in sustainable ventures
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems and regional clusters to promote innovation and sustainability in entrepreneurship
  • Networks and social capital to foster innovation and sustainable ventures

Instructions for Authors

The following Article Types will be considered: Original research articles, review articles, method articles, registered reports, data notes and editorials.

When submitting your article, please select the Article Collection, ‘Innovation in Sustainable Entrepreneurship’ from the drop-down menu on the submission system.


Anand, A., Argade, P., Barkemeyer, R., & Salignac, F. (2021). Trends and patterns in sustainable entrepreneurship research: A bibliometric review and research agenda. Journal of Business Venturing, 36(3), 106092.

Shepherd, D. A., & Patzelt, H. (2011). The New Field of Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Studying Entrepreneurial Action Linking “What is to be Sustained” with “What is to be Developed”. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 35(1), 137-163.

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