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Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Strengthening Leadership Resilience to Overcome Staff Crisis in Healthcare Systems

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30 September 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Strametz, Wiesbaden Institute for Healthcare Economics and Patient Safety (WiHelP), RheinMain UAS, Wiesbaden/Germany
[email protected]

Prof. Dr. José Joaquin Mira Solves, Fundacion para el foment de la Investigacion Sanitaria y Biomedica de la comunitat Valenciana (FISABIO), Alicante/Spain
[email protected]

Dr. Stefan Bushuven MME MA MHBA, Training Center for Emergency Medicine (NOTIS e.V)
[email protected]

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Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Strengthening Leadership Resilience to Overcome Staff Crisis in Healthcare Systems

Healthcare systems worldwide are confronted with a formidable challenge that threatens their sustainability. The increasing number of patients, extended life expectancy, rapidly changing technological and pharmaceutical complexity, and aspects of planetary health demand more comprehensive care. Paradoxically, healthcare systems are thus becoming victims of their success. The combination of the shortage of specialists with outdated management concepts, toxic management behavior, and a lack of psychological safety among healthcare professionals in the context of a generational conflict exacerbates this predicament.

In the face of the current staffing crisis in healthcare systems, recent and future leaders at every level must take decisive and competent actions to ameliorate this concerning trajectory. Failing to do so may threaten the hard-won achievements of modern healthcare systems. Contributions addressing effective leadership strategies in the upcoming special issue are essential to navigating and overcoming this critical challenge.

This special issue of the International Journal of Healthcare Leadership aims to explore effective leadership strategies to address the crisis arising from the insufficient healthcare workforce. We invite submissions of diverse studies that delve into innovative approaches for bolstering the resilience, safety, and longevity of healthcare systems. Contributions may range from conceptual frameworks to empirical research, shedding light on practical solutions.

Papers submitted for consideration should focus on, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Leadership initiatives to attract and retain healthcare professionals.
  2. Innovative workforce management strategies to optimize healthcare delivery.
  3. Case studies highlighting successful interventions in overcoming staffing challenges.
  4. Policies and practices fostering a supportive and sustainable healthcare work environment.
  5. Research exploring the impact of leadership interventions on healthcare system effectiveness.
  6. Educational research on healthcare leadership.

Dr. Strametz is a Professor for Patient Safety at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany. He is anesthesiologist specialized in quality management, clinical risk management and emergency medicine and economist. He was Head of Quality at Frankfurt University Hospital now leading Wiesbaden Institute for Healthcare Economics and Patient Safety (WiHelP). He is Vice Chair of EU CoST Actions European Researchers' Network Working von Second Victims ERNST (CA19113) and Supporting emerging care economy, empowering caregivers to provide safe care at home “BetterCare” (CA22152).

Dr. Mira is a Professor of the University Miguel Hernández, and clinical psychologist conducting clinical assistance at Alicante-Sant Joan Health District. Dr Mira is also an Associate Editor at BMC Health Service Research offering his expertise in health quality, performance, safety and outcomes, and BMC Primary Care, where he is Co-Editor of the Journal of Healthcare Quality Research (Spanish Journal of Quality Assurance). Additionally, he is President of the Scientific Committee at the FISABIO Research Institute in the Valencian Community and Chair of the EU CoST-Actions ERNST (CA19113) and BetterCare (CA22152).

Dr. Bushuven is an Infection Control Specialist and Intensive Care Physician in the District of Constance, Germany. He is Vice Chair of NOTIS e.V., an NPO Training Center for Emergency Medicine. His research group focuses on Medical Didactics and Medical Education in Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine especially in the fields of Cognitive Error, Learning Motivation and Second Victim Phenomena.

Dr. Strametz, Dr. Mira and Dr. Bushuven  all declare no conflict of interest.

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