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RNA Biology

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Bacterial RNA Metabolism: Between Maintenance and Adaptation

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05 August 2024

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Dr. Martina Valentini, University of Geneva
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Bacterial RNA Metabolism: Between Maintenance and Adaptation

RNA molecules, as soon as they are synthesized, engage in dynamic interactions with RNA-binding proteins. Such proteins influence various aspects of RNA function and regulation: they can shape the RNA structure, control translation, determine its localization within the cell, or influence its half-life. Therefore, the intricate interplay between RNA and RNA-binding proteins is at the heart of cellular life.

In bacteria, RNA-binding proteins can have a profound impact on fitness and environmental adaptation. RNA helicases, RNases, and RNA modification enzymes act as conductors of the transcriptional orchestra, timing when and for how long genes are expressed. Interestingly, these proteins have often broad specificity and act as global regulators. How do these master regulators quickly and efficiently reach their targets among the several RNAs in the cell? More intriguingly, how do they modify their action when needed, as a response to changes in environmental conditions?

Technological advances, such as high-throughput RNA sequencing, single-cell RNA sequencing, high-resolution microscopy and structural biology techniques have revolutionized our ability to investigate the RNA world with unprecedented precision. This Collection of articles in RNA Biology offers a comprehensive overview of latest findings in the field.  Understanding the mechanisms of action of RNA-binding proteins is pivotal in deciphering the intricate regulatory mechanisms governing gene expression in bacteria. Importantly, this will not only increase our knowledge on fundamental aspects of microbial cell biology but will set the ground for novel therapeutic strategies in the battle against infectious diseases.

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