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Emerging Trends in Materials Modelling: The Aspects Related to Design and Optimization

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15 March 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Nirupam Chakraborti, Czech Technical University in Prague
[email protected]

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Emerging Trends in Materials Modelling: The Aspects Related to Design and Optimization

In recent times computational materials design strategies have shown some unprecedented  advances where the traditional modelling techniques are either very significantly enhanced or augmented by other emerging approaches. Realizing this, Philosophical Magazine is now in the process of collecting papers that would present the state of the art research in this area.

The major requirements for any such submission are summarized below:

  • The papers are not being sought for any specific materials. The authors may deal with any material of their choice.
  • The papers may deal with materials design, materials processing, modelling and optimization, demonstrating some novel and emerging trends.
  • Conventional modelling strategies based upon thermodynamics, transport phenomena, materials mechanics etc. are welcome; however, their routine applications are not. The papers are expected to show some novelty and advancement of the existing knowledge while using such traditional approaches.
  • The papers may use the common modelling methods involving free energy minimization, density functional theory, molecular dynamics, finite element method, computational fluid dynamics etc. However, emphasis once again, is not on the run-of-the-mill applications; rather some advanced strategies or applications using them are expected in any such submission.
  • We strongly encourage submissions based upon the applications of machine learning. Advanced neural nets including the support vector machines, fuzzy logic and rough set applications, evolutionary and nature inspired algorithms, single and multi-objective optimization, cellular automata and the related techniques are some major areas of interest and emphasis.

Some of the administrative aspects related to this paper collection are summarized below:

  • These papers will be technically monitored and processed by

Professor Nirupam Chakraborti

Co-Editor, Philosophical Magazine Letters

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

Philosophical Magazine Letters (

  • Philosophical Magazine Letters is now an open access journal. The authors responding to this special call for paper will be entitled for a discounted publication fee.


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