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Sleep Health and Mental Wellbeing

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31 December 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Chiara Baglioni, Guglielmo Marconi University, Italy
[email protected]

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Sleep Health and Mental Wellbeing

Sleep is vital for our health. While sleep is a fundamental biological process, it is also a learned behavior which is dependent on our personality traits, attitudes, cognitive and emotional functioning. With respect to mental health, impairment in sleep continuity and sleep regulation is common in psychopathology and sleep regulation interacts dynamically with emotional and cognitive functioning. Despite research on sleep and mental health has been growing drastically in the last years, still many aspects should require major attention. For example, important topics still to be investigated are: gender and age differences, psychophysiological mechanisms linking sleep to mental disorders, the role of different sleep health dimensions for mental wellbeing. From a clinical perspective, it is important to focus and deepen aspects for treating sleep difficulties in patients with mental disorders including issues associated to the complex, but fundamental, interaction between different professionals (e.g. clinical psychologists, neurologists, etc.). Furthermore, there is a need for a better understanding of the role of different variables, such as professionals’ qualifications, settings, experience and interventions, for increasing the offer of high-quality evidence-based cognitive behavioral treatment protocols for insomnia in mental health care.

Cogent Mental Health is inviting submissions for an Article Collection focused on “Sleep Health and Mental Wellbeing”. We are interested in a broad range of empirical papers including quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods approaches, basic and clinical studies, epidemiological and psychophysiological works, as well as conceptual papers, narrative reviews, and systematic reviews with or without meta-analysis.

This Article Collection will solicit articles related to the following subjects. However, we welcome all submissions related to the umbrella topic of sleep, and its relationship to various aspects of mental health:

  • Sleep health dimensions in the lifespan and its association to mental wellbeing: especially interesting papers on women lifespan or adolescence or elderly.
  • Sleep health dimensions and mental disorders: which sleep health dimensions are mostly associated with psychopathology.
  • Sleep discontinuity and sleep dysregulation as a transdiagnostic process in mental disorders: psychobiological mechanisms and clinical implications.
  • The interaction between sleep and cognitive processes.
  • The interaction between sleep and emotional processes.
  • Sleep and eating disorders: shared underlying processes and clinical implications.
  • Best practices and challenges in a clinical setting for identifying and managing sleep disturbances, and any relation to mental health irrespective of diagnosis
  • Advances in CBT for insomnia: strategies, qualifications, and settings.

Instructions for Authors

The following Article Types will be considered: basic and clinical, as well as epidemiological original research, meta-analyses, systematic and scoping reviews, and narrative reviews. When submitting your article, please select, ‘Sleep Health and Mental Wellbeing’ from the drop-down menu within the submission system.

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