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Global Governance of Heritable Genome Editing

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31 March 2024

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Achim Rosemann, De Montfort University
[email protected]

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Global Governance of Heritable Genome Editing

Heritable genome editing (HGE) is a scientific technique that enables the targeted alteration of the DNA of human germline cells and embryos, allowing these changes to be inherited by future generations. HGE has the potential to correct genetic defects, prevent heritable diseases, or select for desired traits. The prospect of HGE has raised concerns about harmful health consequences, eugenics and social inequalities, governmental regulation, and the lack of democratic deliberation between international scientific communities and other stakeholders. These concerns intensified following the birth of two babies with modified genomes in China in 2018.

In response to these challenges, some stakeholders have called for a comprehensive approach to the global governance of HGE that informs regulatory developments in different countries and is adopted in practice. Diverse legal systems, cultural values, and competing economic and political interests provide barriers to harmonized global governance and may lead to conflicting regulations or fragmented approaches.

This article collection in New Genetics and Society invites contributions that explore key issues, questions and challenges related to governance of HGE. It provides a forum for insights from different countries and world regions and invites reflective and critical analyses that engage with varied conceptual, theoretical and policy perspectives.

Potential topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • The legitimacy and legitimation of global governance structures for HGE
  • Emerging regulatory and policy developments
  • Heterogeneous societies, value pluralism, and the shift to a multi-polar world system
  • Local responses to international governance frameworks and standards
  • Practices and challenges of inclusive and public dialogue and stakeholder engagement
  • The effects of socio-economic, health and other inequalities
  • The role of civil society, activism, and advocacy
  • The influence of the private sector
  • Challenges to implement and enforce research policies and ethical principles
  • Inter-disciplinary approaches to HGE governance

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