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Host-Oral Microbial Homeostasis in the Female Holobiont

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05 April 2024

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Dr. Aurea Simon Soro, Universidad de Sevilla
[email protected]

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Host-Oral Microbial Homeostasis in the Female Holobiont

The human body is a holobiont; a complex community composed of a host and microorganisms living in symbiosis. The host must balance all body sites to maintain health. The microbiota loses balance when homeostasis is disrupted, also known as dysbiosis. Host-microbial interaction might be affected by factors such as aging, hormone levels, genetic alterations, the immune system, and inflammatory processes, among others, which must also be considered. Thus, oral microbial crosstalk with hormones could interfere with host regulation, disrupting homeostasis and leading to a disease state.

For the female holobiont, fluctuations in sex hormones throughout life influence the host-microbial interaction. Female sex hormones change over time, rising during puberty and declining as women approach menopause. Monthly hormonal cycles during the reproductive years may also promote recurring microbial adaptation to oral changes. For instance, a higher prevalence of certain diseases has been associated with women such as autoimmunity, osteoporosis, or depression. Therefore, oral and overall health might influence the oral microbial balance in women.

The focus of this Article Collection, titled 'Host-Oral Microbial Homeostasis in the Female Holobiont' will include original research and review articles on:

  • Microbiome of the oral and extraoral body sites in women
  • Procedures and models for studying oral microorganisms and hormone levels
  • Physiological or induced hormonal fluctuations and their interaction with oral microorganisms
  • Oral Microbiome and women's health
  • Fertility and oral microbiome
  • Therapeutic manipulation of the oral microbiome restoring female oral homeostasis (prebiotics, probiotics, oral microbiota transplant)
  • Oral microbial development in females: from birth to adulthood

Dr. Aurea Simon Soro is a researcher at the Department of Stomatology, Dental School at the University of Seville. Her research line focuses on the balance of sex hormones associated with the host-microbial interaction. Specifically, her lab investigates host microbiome homeostasis in women at different reproductive stages. For this purpose, they use in vitro models for understanding the mechanisms and clinical cohorts using multiomics approaches translating into the complexity of the human population. Therefore, future studies that promote gender-specific research on diseases will benefit society with new strategies for preventive health plans and more effective therapies.

Dr. Simon Soro has no conflicts of interest to disclose.


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