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Protein Kinase Inhibitors for Targeted Cancer Therapy

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31 October 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Dr. Stefania Nobili, University of Florence, Italy
[email protected]

Dr. Ida Landini, University of Florence, Italy
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Dr. Enrico Mini, University of Florence, Italy
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Protein Kinase Inhibitors for Targeted Cancer Therapy

There are at present a wide range of protein kinase inhibitors in the clinical oncology practice which represent specific drugs active in the treatment of several solid and hematological malignancies. Also, novel inhibitors of oncogenic protein kinase functions are still eagerly designed and developed.

Despite the availability of numerous selective and potent protein kinase inhibitors, limitations in the field remain. The development of intrinsic and acquired resistance due to the activation of compensatory signaling pathways or genomic alterations of the primary target translates in clinical refractoriness or short duration of response. Adverse effects are still associated with their clinical use, especially of multitargeted inhibitors.

Because of the increasing interest in the discovery, development, and clinical application of protein kinase inhibitors, the present special collection of open access articles, launched by the Journal of Chemotherapy, has the objective of publishing a series of highly qualified contributions to stimulate discussion on relevant recent findings and will favour progress in the field.

This collection will solicit open access original research and review articles on basic, translational, and clinical research. Articles on the following topics are of interest:

- protein kinases identification as pharmacological targets in cancer

- protein kinase inhibitors design & development

- preclinical and clinical protein kinase inhibitors pharmacology

- protein kinase inhibitors pharmacodynamics

- protein kinase inhibitors metabolism

- protein kinase inhibitors pharmacokinetics

- protein kinase inhibitors pharmacogenetics & pharmacogenomics

- tumor resistance to protein kinase inhibitors

- protein kinase inhibitors therapeutic use in cancer

- protein kinase inhibitors drug interactions & adverse effects

- protein kinase inhibitors pharmacovigilance and pharmacoeconomics

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