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Sustainable Construction and Green Building Materials

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30 June 2024

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Ahmed Senouci, University of Houston, USA
[email protected]

Walid Maherzi, Institut des Mines Telecom Nord Europe, France
[email protected]

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Sustainable Construction and Green Building Materials

Sustainable construction and green building materials are critical aspects of promoting environmentally friendly practices in the construction industry.  Sustainable construction involves minimizing resource consumption, reducing waste generation, and ensuring occupant health and comfort. It also aims to mitigate the environmental impact of buildings, conserve resources, reduce energy consumption, enhance indoor air quality, and minimize waste. Sustainable construction helps address climate change, promotes renewable energy, and creates healthier and more efficient buildings. Green building materials are environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional construction materials. These materials are sourced, manufactured, and used in a manner that minimizes their environmental impact. Examples include construction and demolition waste, bottom ash from municipal solid waste, fly ash, biomass fly ash, glass waste, dredging sediments, etc.

Sustainable construction offers several benefits, including energy efficiency, reduced operational costs, improved occupant health and comfort, increased market value, and decreased environmental footprint. Green building materials contribute to resource conservation, waste reduction, improved indoor air quality, and a healthier built environment. By considering sustainable construction practices and utilizing green building materials, the construction industry can play a significant role in reducing environmental impacts, promoting resource efficiency, and creating healthier and more sustainable built environments.

The aim of this Article Collection is to encourage research in sustainable construction and green building material areas such as energy-efficient building technologies, sustainable materials and their life cycle assessment, integration of renewable energy sources, smart building technologies, water and waste management, indoor environmental quality, and socio-economic aspects of sustainability in construction.

Keywords: Non-conventional building materials; Recycled and eco-friendly building materials; Circular economy; Sustainable building materials; Low carbon binders

All manuscripts submitted to this Article Collection will undergo a full peer-review; the Guest Advisor for this collection will not be handling the manuscripts (unless they are an Editorial Board member). Please review the journal scope and author submission instructions prior to submitting a manuscript.

The deadline for submitting manuscripts is 30 June 2023.

Dr. Senouci is a professor in the Department of Construction Management at the University of Houston (UH). He has focused on construction-related research including sustainable pavement and construction material testing and performance modelling, infrastructure asset, management, and construction schedule optimization modelling. His research results have been summarized in about 130 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and international conference proceedings, which have been cited 4100 times by other scholars, according to Google Scholar on June 10, 2023.  One of his papers, “Optimizing Post-Disaster Reconstruction Planning for Damaged Transportation Networks,” won the Best Journal Paper Award, published in the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management in 2010.

Dr. Maherzi received a Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry in 2013 from University of Caen-Basse Normandie and an engineering degree in Public Works from National School of Public Works in Algiers (Algeria). He is an Assistant Professor at the Material and Process Research and Innovation Center at the IMT Nord Europe. Dr. Maherzi is also the head of the Analytical Tests and Observations Unit at the CERI Materials and Processes. He has completed several research projects on circular economy and recovery of industrial by-products/waste as secondary raw materials.   Dr. Maherzi has published more than 30 refereed journal papers and more than 50 conference proceedings.

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