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Natural Products: Biological and Antioxidant Properties

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31 July 2024

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Prof. İlhami GÜLÇİN, Ataturk University
[email protected]

Asist. Prof. Hasan Karagecili, Siirt University
[email protected]

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Natural Products: Biological and Antioxidant Properties

Natural products, such as fruits, vegetables, and plants along with their leaves, seeds, and roots, have been traditionally consumed by people for many years. These products attract attention with their aroma, color, and appearance and provide energy easily because of their high sugar, vitamin, and mineral contents in daily consumption. Natural products are indispensable fruits, vegetables, or plants for a healthy life, used also as local products. In recent years, due to the limitation of the use of artificial antioxidants, they have been examined in the context of alternative research studies. Thereby natural products play a significant role in new drug developments.

In vitro, cell cultures and animal experiments demonstrate that when different extraction, separation, and analyzing methods are applied, the phenolic and flavonoid compounds in their contents can be extracted and used in medicine efficiently. These extracted compounds can be used individually or functionally together. The phenolic and flavonoid secondary metabolite contents of natural products can be separated and purified with different methods, and studied in enzyme inhibitions assays so their potential antioxidant benefits on a healthy life can be evaluated. Molecular and pharmacological mechanisms in the treatment of many diseases are becoming more complex, and new research including bioactive chemicals is becoming necessary. Natural products with their eminent biological ingredients and antioxidant properties play major roles in all life processes.

We are pleased to accept novel and original experimental research papers as well as review papers that highlight recent developments in our comprehension of the intricacies of natural products and their relevance in a range of fields. Provide specific information on the chemical makeup of the extracted sample by various extraction methods and solvents under study (using HPLC, MS, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS, or NMR, if possible or essential). A collection of various studies provides researchers with an invaluable resource and encourages more study into utilizing natural substances for a sustainable and healthier life.

The following are potential subjects for this Article Collection:

  • The process of purifying, separating, isolating, characterizing, and analyzing natural biomolecules with beneficial biological characteristics;
  • To enhance their effects, chemicals with high stability and good bioavailability that are antibacterial, antidiabetic, anti-Alzheimer, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer are synthesized, extracted, and refined;
  • Investigating the potential bioactive compound’s antioxidant activity in the events of the illnesses and their treatment;
  • Bioactive products can be screened in vivo, in vitro, and via molecular docking studies as novel and cutting-edge molecules that have the potential to reduce symptoms and slow the course of illnesses.

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Prof. Dr. İlhami GÜLÇİN has more than 500 articles, covered by SCI. Also, 37.500 citations have been made by SCI to his articles so far. His h-index is 110 by SCI. He was recognized as the “Highly Cited Researcher” in the years of 2014, 2015, and 2018. His 13 papers were selected as the “Highly Cited Papers”. He has 100 international and 150 national presentations, which are presented at symposiums and congresses. He completed 20 master and 25 PhD thesis as advisor.

Asist. Prof. Dr. Hasan KARAGEÇİLİ has been researching biological sciences in the medical biochemistry field; natural products and their affirmative antioxidant effects on prevalent chronic diseases like Alzheimer, diabetes mellitus, and glaucoma.

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