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Current Context and Research Agenda for Innovative Packaging Systems in the light of Sustainability and Digitalization

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30 September 2024

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Associate Professor Maria Palazzo , Universitas Mercatorum, Rome, Italy
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Associate Professor Iza Gigauri , St. Andrew the First-Called Georgian University, Tbilisi, Georgia
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Professor Maria Antonella Ferri, Universitas Mercatorum, Rome, Italy
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Current Context and Research Agenda for Innovative Packaging Systems in the light of Sustainability and Digitalization

Unprecedented digital advancement and emerging progressive technologies are influencing all areas of social life. Various industries including packaging are transforming in line with the twin transition of digitalization and sustainability. This Article Collection aims to analyse the evolving landscape of packaging and its implications on different sectors such as food, cosmetics, garments, pharmaceuticals, toys. Packaging manufacturers, retailers, consumers, and diverse industries should be investigated in order to explore the marketability of smart intelligent packaging. Insights from diverse countries and cultures could display the acceptance barriers of novel technologies in packaging as well as incentives for adopting smart packaging from the consumer’s and business perspectives.

Innovative packaging systems are reshaping many industries offering numerous advantages to businesses from improved performance of products and efficient ways of operations to enhanced communication experience for consumers and contribution to sustainability by decreasing waste. Research from multiple standpoints is essential to better understand the effect of smart packaging systems on digital transformation and sustainable development goals. Furthermore, controversial views on innovative packaging should be discussed focusing on regulations and ethical concerns related to intelligent materials notably in food products. For instance, smart packaging can reduce food waste but increase packaging waste, while intelligent packaging materials pose environmental risks if not disposed of correctly. Similarly, consumer concerns regarding the migration of intelligent particles from packaging to products should be addressed through relevant studies. Therefore, exploring smart packaging systems under the circumstances of technological progress, sustainability trends, economic and social uncertainties, constantly changing consumer behaviour, and searching for efficient and effective ways of operations, is vital for future organizational decision-making.

This article collection expects to receive original research articles and reviews on smart, intelligent, and active packaging and emerging technologies in the packaging industry for different products. The articles should examine the integration of environmental, social, economic, ethical, and legal factors shaping innovative packaging systems. This collection should also explore the complex technological advancement in packaging, the contribution of smart packaging to sustainable development goals, challenges and opportunities of commercialization of intelligent packaging, and relevant marketing strategies. Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), and other contexts should be considered. We invite original research and review articles on innovative packaging systems taking into account the sustainability and digitalization context of this transformative era. This article collection also welcomes research to clarify future research direction in this significant field.

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