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Gut Microbes

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Gut microbiota in cancer development and treatment

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24 January 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Jun Sun, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, US
[email protected]

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Gut microbiota in cancer development and treatment

Diverse and balanced intestinal microbiome is critical for human health in multiple ways, and it has been increasingly recognized as a key player in the development of various cancers—not just in the gastrointestinal tract—and a potential target for therapy. This Collection will highlight the current state of research on gut microbiota in oncogenesis and cancer therapy, immunity, epidemiology, data integration, and others. This Article Collection will publish articles that investigate:

  • Molecular pathways connecting the gut microbiome and tumorigenesis
  • Mechanisms of cancer pathogenesis with respect to the microbiome
  • Contributions of individual bacterial species/strains to tumor suppression and oncogenesis
  • Regulation of the tumor microenvironment and anti-tumor immunity by the gut microbiota
  • The role of gut infection and metabolites
  • Modulation of gut microbiome in cancer therapy
  • Cancer management in subjects with dysbiosis

Research papers, Reviews and Commentaries will be considered for publication. Papers will be published online as they are accepted

Jun Sun, PhD, Professor

Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Dr. Jun Sun is a tenured Professor of Medicine at the UIC. She is an elected fellow of American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) and American Physiological Society (APS). She chairs for the AGA microbiome and microbial Therapy section. Her research interests are host-microbiome interactions in inflammation and cancer. She is the leading editor of 6 books on microbiome, including a Nature/Spring book entitled “Inflammation, infection, and microbiome in cancers: evidence, mechanisms, and implications”. She serves on the editorial board of more than 10 peer-reviewed journals. She services study sections for the NIH, DOD, NASA, American Cancer Society, and other research foundations. Her research is supported by the NIH, DOD, and VA awards.

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